Tips for a Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Project

Investing in custom cabinets not only provide you with their practical uses, but provide enhanced aesthetics for your kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets are not simply boxes to store things, but they are essentially the fine furniture of any kitchen showing off the beauty of your space. However, cabinets are not immune to wear and tear over time as the kitchen is a place for activity. Depending on their condition, homeowners can consider cabinet refinishing or even cabinet refacing. 

Ahead of looking into a full custom cabinet replacement, investigate kitchen cabinet refinishing or refacing. This would be a less expensive option than replacement, and typically will provide a like-new finish. Below are a few thoughts and ideas when considering remodeling your cabinetry.

Start with the End in Mind! 

As with any major home project, it is a great idea to look online or in catalogs to hone in on how you want the finished kitchen cabinets to look. The choices can seem endless, so having a mental image of how the finished cabinets would look will allow for an easy transition to making the right choices for the project.  Before starting the project, take care to secure space in your home as a temporary kitchen.  Cabinet refinishing can be a time-consuming project, so in order to avoid unwanted interruptions to your daily life, plan ahead.

Kitchen Cabinet

Hardware Replacement to Enhance your Refinished Cabinets.

Removal of hardware is a necessary part of kitchen cabinet refinishing. While the hardware is off the structures, inspect and replace where necessary if the components are old and worn out. Moving components such as hinges may corrode over time, and drawer slides may get sticky. If you have a new look in mind, this would be the time to consider replacing with new hardware altogether, especially outward facing hardware such as latches and pulls.

When is the Right Time for a Custom Cabinet Replacement? 

Depending on your budget, a full custom cabinet replacement may be on the table, but for many a cabinet refacing is the right choice for a tighter budget as long as the original materials are in shape for a refacing. However, if the supporting structures of the cabinets are damaged or deteriorating, a full cabinet replacement may be a necessary consideration. Consulting with a professional to inspect your existing kitchen cabinets is a great way to hone in on your options for refinishing, refacing or evaluation for a full replacement.

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