Is it Time For Window Replacement?

Your windows are some of the most important features of your home. They serve as the transparent barriers between you and the outside elements. So, of course, having windows that serve this purpose effectively is vital. But, time, weather, and use eventually cause even the best windows to break down. And there are several signs that it’s time to call a window company for window replacement in your home.

Are Your Windows Leaking?

One of the early signs you need new replacement windows is three kinds of leaks. One is cold air leaking around the windows. Another is moisture leaking through during heavy rains, and the third, often ignored, is windows fogging between the panes, indicating the seal around the windows has broken down.

Window Replacement

Have Your Energy Bills Increased Significantly?

Weather changes affect your heating and cooling bills but the need for a new window installation is often indicated when your energy bills show unwarranted increases. That’s when you need to call a window company for inspection and give you an estimate on replacement windows.

Windows Look Worn Out and are Hard to Operate?

No matter how good your windows were years ago, even the best windows on the market will eventually start to show signs of wear in their appearance or difficulty of operation. When your window frames are starting to crack or swell, they might cause you problems in operation very soon. When opening your windows is more like strength training it is time to throw in the towel and call APW Window Replacement in Oakland for new replacement windows.

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