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The Ultimate Guide to Buy Right Quilt Covers

Having a good night’s sleep is widely dependent on the bedding and the quill cover sets. Studies show that two out of three people in Australia cannot get an adequate amount of sleep. Imagine will you be able to sleep if you are using quilt covers that are either too hot or too cold or too itchy? Buying a new quilt could be just what you need. It not only enhances the appearance of your room but makes it easy for you to relax after a long tiring day.

Now that we are in the question of buying a quilt cover let’s talk about how you should pick the correct one for your bedroom.


The design of the quilt is extremely important whether you accept it or not. The quilt design must match the color of the room. Having said that, the design of a quilt set is not just about the aesthetics, it goes much deeper. For example, a waffle quilt cover will be cheaper compared to a vintage one. Similarly, the price may vary with the brand, the materials, the weave, the print, etc.


The size of your bed is undoubtedly the first thing to be taken into consideration while buying a quilt cover. Whether you are choosing a duvet cover for a king-size, queen-size or a single bed needs to be taken into account.


Quilt covers are made of all sorts of materials like flannel, cotton and cotton blends, synthetic, and even luxurious silk. Needless to say, if that the price of the quit will vary with the material. Thicker quilts will add to the insulation during winters, so you will need a lighter one for the summers. Quilts made with easy to clean material might be priced differently while on the other hand, you will not want to buy quilts made of silk or satin if you have pets at home who are allowed to sleep on the bed. Vintage quilt sets are best to use if you have pets around because the yarn-dyed melange design hides the scuff marks they can make on the duvet covers. You should also consider the material if you have sensitive skin. For people prone to skin allergies natural fiber like bamboo, cotton is always a better option over microfibres.



It’s lightweight, easy to wash, and breathable. Cotton is known for the comfort, durability, and versatility it provides.

  • Egyptian Cotton

It is one of the finest cottons in the world and requires minimal ironing. Additionally, it’s soft, light, and lasts longer.

  • Supima Cotton

It is a premium American grown cotton with extra-long staples that provide additional softness, durability, and abrasion resistance as well.

  • Hygro Cotton

It is a yarn grown cotton through advanced technology, and it becomes even soft after multiple washes. Additionally, it regulates body temperature, i.e. if a duvet is made of this material, it will keep you warm during the winters and cool in summers.


Linen has higher durability than cotton and looks more luxurious after every wash as the creases increase. It has higher breathability and can draw moisture from your body. Hence, it’s comfortable in both summer and winter.


This cotton is combed to fluff up the fibers, and the soft fabric that is used makes it very snuggly and comfortable during the winters as it traps heat. It is not measured in thread counts but ounces per square yard instead.


Tencel is a highly durable and naturally antimicrobial soft fabric made out of eucalyptus trees. It is considered environment friendly as producing it requires fewer chemicals, energy, and water than cotton does. It is however, not as breathable as cotton and can feel clammy against the skin.


It is one of the most luxurious and beautiful bed linen. It’s comparatively lighter than cotton but not budget-friendly enough. It’s soft, and naturally hypoallergenic but slips off the bed easily. Silk is majorly bought for indulgence.



Firstly, what is thread count? It refers to the number of horizontal or vertical threads per square cm. Quite naturally, when one reads or gets to know of this, they think that the higher the thread count of any fabric, the softer and more luxurious it becomes. But that’s not it. A duet cover with high thread count traps more heat and does not allow air to flow easily, so maybe you don’t want such a quilt cover during summers. A good-quality duvet cover with a fine yarn will allow the air to flow and maintain a soft feel simultaneously. a Grams per square meter or GSM stands for the amount of fabric woven into per meter of your duvet. Higher the GSM, the more plush and comfortable your quilt becomes.


Looking at the bed linen sets the mood of the bedroom, hence it’s quite crucial. The most popular patterns of quilts are floral, stripes, ethnic, abstract, etc. You could always have themed quilt covers according to your mood.


We all choose easy to wash linen in today’s time because nobody has the time for the rest. But an easy to wash linen quilt cover does not mean it will not need any care. You will still have to go through the washing instructions, i.e. if the white ones require to be washed separately from the colored ones or if the quilt needs to be tumble dried in low heat.

Now that you have such an in-depth knowledge about quilt covers, I am sure you would want to indulge in some duvet cover shopping. You can buy quilt covers online as well, it will surely show you a wider variety. If you want to check the comfort which you definitely should, you can also visit retail stores.

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