8 Smart Devices to Transform your Bathroom into an At-Home Spa


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Bathrooms aren’t typically an immediate priority when remodeling a home, as long as everything functions correctly. Spaces that are occupied the most, such as living rooms, often get the most attention. However, bathrooms aren’t just for practicality as with an upgrade they’re the perfect place to rejuvenate.  

With smart devices, you can transform your bathroom into a tranquil haven. Smart technology, which connects gadgets through a wireless hub, provides ultimate convenience, a modern aesthetic, and a calming ambience. To recreate the spa experience, here are eight smart gadgets that’ll bring luxury to your bathroom.  

1) Ambient lighting

Lighting is a fundamental aspect of creating an atmosphere in any area of a home. Consider adding layered lighting to suit different purposes for your bathroom.  

Bright, white lighting triggers alertness which isn’t suitable for when you’re trying to relax, but it’s useful when you’re cleaning. Whereas warm, task lighting will create a cozy vibe that’s perfect for pamper evenings. 

With smart lighting, you can adjust the brightness from your phone, so you don’t have to move from your bath. The settings of this technology also make it easier to adjust the lighting for calming ambiences. You can purchase colour-changing smart bulbs too, which replicate the wellbeing benefits of colour light therapy. 

2) Digital taps

With intelligent taps, you can run the perfect bath every time. Using the LCD tough-sensitive screen, set the water flow to automatically turn off after a specific time and accurately control the water temperature. The sleek design of intelligent faucets adds to the bathroom’s elegant appearance as well. 

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The smart tap brand iTaps offer the only digital LCD display interface and electronically controlled taps available in the UK. 

3) Essential oil diffusers

A room’s scent is another important factor in producing a relaxing ambience. Releasing essential oils, such as lavender, rose, and jasmine, into the air, will instantly lighten your mood. However, smart diffusers allow you to customize it to your preferences accurately. 

Using voice-control or an app, manage the smart aromatherapy diffuser to set timers, schedules and adjust the mist amounts. Some of these gadgets also act as mood lamps.  

4) Voice command speakers

If you like to sing in the shower or catch-up on podcasts during baths, smart speakers make this much easier. When connected to an Alexa or Google Assistant, you can turn the volume up, change songs, or rewind an audiobook with voice command. However, only use waterproof speakers in the bathroom. 

There are even showerheads with built-in smart speakers so you can hear your music over the running water. 

5) Underfloor heating

Not only does underfloor heating enhance comfort, but it can distribute heat around the room more evenly. Fitting this type of heating removes the need for unsightly radiators that ruin a chic aesthetic. 

By fitting smart heating controls, you can manage the central heating schedule and temperature through your phone. These also allow you to heat ‘zones’ of your home, instead of your entire house. If you’re planning on having a long bath, you can keep this space warm for a certain interval without wasting energy. 

6) Waterproof television

Instead of balancing your laptop on the toilet or a bath shelve, fit a smart waterproof TV onto the wall to watch your favorite show while in the tub. Smart TVs connect to the wi-fi which gives you access to the internet and online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

7) Multi-purpose mirrors

Smart mirrors prevent steam from building up on the surface with sensory lights and can also act as a cabinet. However, they now have many display settings too, such as:

  • the weather forecast
  • a calendar
  • the news report
  • your Twitter feed
  • your Fitbit data

On top of this, this type of device can have smart TV technology and waterproof speakers incorporated.  

8) Shower cabins

Invest in a steam shower and bath hybrid cabin for utmost indulgence. Create a soothing environment with the built-in LED mood lighting and play music through the Bluetooth speakers.  

The bath aspect of these cabins can include whirlpool jets and hydro-massage jets to replicate a jacuzzi. Alternatively, bathe using the overhead monsoon rain shower.  

Smart homes have grown in popularity over recent years, due to the improved function, convenience, and comfort. As a result, the technology has advanced to update a range of other devices. Now there are numerous ways to upgrade your bathroom and make it your favorite place in the house.

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