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The Two Main Services Movers Offer

If you are already seeking to find the best movers in Panama City Florida, then that means you are certain you want to move to another city or another part of the city. The step to seeking the best fitting company for your needs is a great one to start with. But it is not always the easy one. 

Here are some of the best ways to go about your search;

Seek Recommendations

The best way to land the best company is by getting recommendations from people you trust like your family members and your best friend. They have to have used the service to be able to give it a review and a recommendation. Ask them about their customer services, and what they liked the most about the companies. This should be able to guide you.

Online Reviews

The next best way is to read online reviews. This is more or less like getting referrals from people you know. Only that this time you are getting a recommendation from someone you don’t know personally. But people don’t go around leaving reviews for no reason.

If a company has many great reviews, then that means it is an ideal one for you. Include it in your compilation list and talk to them to see how much of a match you are. Similarly, if a company has many negative reviews, just knock on the next door. 

Once you have at least a list of 5 recommended companies, it is time to filter and pick one. Here are some of the things you should be concerned about;

happy young girl with boxes moves to new apartment
happy young girl with boxes moves to new apartment


Check out the company’s past record. Check for how long they have been in the industry and what services exactly they offer. You might also want to know if they specialize in a specific type of moving; long-distance, local, etc.


Professionalism simply means checking that they love and do their job accordingly. This can show through their customer service, punctuality, reliability, flexibility, and more. Seemingly little things like paying attention to how they talk to you and their choice of words are also a great way to assess their professionalism.

Knowledge And Expertise

You also want to make sure there are knowledgeable and experts in their jobs. Moving requires moving valuable items including heavy furniture, antiques, arts, electronics, and more. Make sure they can handle these without breaking and damaging them. 

Types Of Services You Get From Moving Companies

While movers just sound like trucks and transportation, moving companies do more than just. There are two main types of moving services; 

Full Services

A full-service mover is exactly what it sounds like. You get the full services of a moving company as soon as you sign the deal. From setting the date of moving, to everything between, and settling to the new house. Some of their services include;

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  • This includes taking care of all the packing supplies and materials needed. The company is responsible for bringing tapes, boxes, and everything needed to safely secure and pack your belongings.
  • It also includes packing. You don’t have to call your friends or your sister for help. Of course, you can call them over just for support and company. But the company handles all the packing needs.
  • You also do not need to worry about loading the truck. This especially comes in handy as there are some items you just can’t afford to move by yourself. Heavy goods such as furniture are hard to load solo. But you don’t have to worry about that if you hire a full-service mover.
  • Offloading and unpacking are also part of the contract. The movers are responsible to endure they carefully offload all your belongings from their truck and that they are safely unpacked and everything is set where it is supposed to be.
  • The last service you get by hiring full-service movers is that you don’t have to worry about disposing of packing materials. This could be dozens of boxes. You don’t have to wonder where to take them. It’s for the movers to worry about. 


Self-service moving is quite the opposite of what full-service moving has to offer. Here, you are required to do all the work except having to worry about the truck and transportation. This includes getting packing materials, doing the packing, loading and off-loading the truck, unpacking, and disposing of the packing materials. 

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