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How To Transform Any Room Into A Homeschool

The pandemic has made so many changes in almost everyone’s lives. As to families, they have to scramble on to cope with the changes, such as working and studying from home.

For many students, last school year was their very first entrance into homeschooling. Apart from creating a schedule that works, a homeschool room was also necessary. For other households, this can either mean a corner in the living, family, or dining area, while there are also those who have an extra room to transform into a homeschool room.

That said, this article is here to help you out in this transition!  Here, you’ll have insights on how you can transform any room at home into a homeschool room or corner.

1. Equip Your Homeschool Room With Movable Boards

The most common way to have a homeschool room is to have a blackboard or whiteboard stuck on the wall. While this may work just as it does in the classroom, it’s better to have movable boards of different sizes instead.

First off, they’re easier to put away. When homeschooling ends and you can now send your kids back to physical schools, you don’t have to be stuck with a big blackboard or whiteboard in one of your rooms that’s not of use anymore.

Movable boards, on the one hand, can serve a dual purpose. When you’re not using them for your kids’ classes, you can post motivational quotes, or menu or chore list on them, as well as use them for birthday parties.

Moreover, you can transport movable boards all over the house, particularly on those days when you feel that your kids need a change of scenery to cut off the monotony of being stuck in the same room the whole time.

2. Keep The Furniture Proportional To The Space

If the extra room you’re converting to a homeschool room is quite small, then keep the furniture small as well. There’s no need for you to overwhelm it with so many bulky furniture.

The fewer things, the better. First off, the visual clutter will disrupt your kids’ focus. Also, when there are too many furniture pieces, these may darken the room.

Especially if you have toddlers, you’ll want to choose tables and chairs that are light and easy to transport from one room to another. That way, whenever you switch homeschooling areas, you can easily set up their tables and move them around.

To help you out in setting up the necessary furniture, you can learn more at Metcabinet.com.

3. Keep An Open Mind

While you want to mimic the productive and fun setting of a classroom, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Keep an open mind as to the design options, such that you’ll also factor in the preferences of your children. This is an advantage of creating your own homeschooling room as you can consider what your kids want to have in their classroom.

This is unlike in a traditional school where the classroom has to be neutral to cater to so many personalities of students. Ideally, you’ll want this room to be that one closest to where you’ll be for most of the day so it’d be easier for you to give a hand to your kids when they need it.

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4. Have A Nice Bookcase

While you want to keep the furniture to a minimum, there are certain essentials that your homeschooling room must have. Apart from the tables and chairs, a bookcase is nice to have.

That way, you can organize each of your kids’ rooms. Especially if you’ve got multiple kids who are homeschooled, you need to be on top of your organization. The more organized your homeschool room is, the easier it is for you to breeze through all the things they have to do.

The bookcase will typically hold the following:

  • School supplies
  • School books
  • Binders
  • Notebooks
  • Arts and crafts materials

5. Prioritize Comfort

You can never keep your kids in one place if they’re not comfortable with their learning area. Among all others, one of the most important is a comfortable chair. It should be comfortable enough, such that your kids won’t mind sitting on it for a long time.

Especially if you have primary or high school kids who are homeschooling, they’ll spend longer hours doing schoolworks. Hence, comfort should be a priority.


With these tips, you can create a learning-conducive classroom within the comfort of your home. There’s so much discussion and buzz on this topic, given that in the coming school year, it looks like homeschooling will pretty much still be the norm. Now, you can make learning at home fun and productive for your children.

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