The Top Five Reasons We Can’t Wait For Summer!

There are some years where it feels as though winter will never end. Grey days, rainy weather, and the need to be wrapped in multiple layers –there are a lot of good reasons why so many of us crave the sunshiney season. With spring finally on the verge of making an appearance, it is time to start some serious planning. To help you get inspired, we have put together a list of the top reasons we are super psyched for summer to finally arrive!

Summer Style

Summer Style

Summer style isn’t always great –it is hard to hide the after-effects of a fast food binge under a skimpy halter neck—but there is an undeniable freedom which comes with not having to wear two sweaters, a coat, and an umbrella every time you want to leave the house. As the mercury rises, it is time to dig out those long-forgotten summer classics and enjoy the feel of actual sunlight on bare skin.

Longer Days

Another considerable advantage to summer is the lengthy days it brings. So many of us work long hours that it can be tricky to get enough daylight to fulfill our Vitamin D quota. In addition, dark evenings make the workday feel all-consuming. You are spending the best hours locked in an office. With summer, however, comes longer evenings, allowing you more time to take up the hobbies you love, socialize, and enjoy your free time to the max.

Summer Parties

Summer Parties

In the same vein, summer is a fantastic excuse for barbeques, pool parties, and general catch-ups. There are few things better than enjoying your favorite drink in the evening sun, surrounded by your very favorite people. Spontaneous last-minute gatherings are also far more likely, so be prepared! Time to make sure those outdoor cushion covers are plumped, the barbeque cleaned, and the pool uncovered ready for some serious socializing.

Bright, Sunshiney Days

When the rain is lashing against the windows, the wind is blowing a gale, or the ground is covered in a blanket of freezing snow, it can be hard to remember what the sun looks like. The summer gives us a chance to get acquainted, making the most of the warmer weather to do the things we enjoy, or to simply, rest, relax and absorb some of that all important Vitamin D. Remember to stay safe in the sun; sunscreen should always be your friend!

Summer Vacation!

Summer Vacation!

For most of us, our big annual vacation will happen during the summer months, and this is another reason to get excited. Whether you are planning a high-action adventure trip, some serious sun-lounging, or a combination of the two, vacations are a chance to catch up with ourselves, recharge our batteries, and take a well-earned break from reality. This time for ourselves is valuable, so enjoy the anticipation, and appreciate and soak up every single second of your hard earned break this summer!

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