The Secret to a Better Bathroom

If you are anything like me then you understand the struggle of designing your perfect bathroom. For many of us, our bathrooms are smaller than we would like and for those lucky enough to have a large bathroom unfortunately don’t know how to utilise the space so here are some top tips for creating a better Bathroom.

1. Mirror Cabinets

mirror cabinet

A mirror is a must in any bathroom as it makes the room appear bigger whilst shelves and cabinets are needed for storage, particularly when the space is small. Often people struggle to find space for both and do not think to consider furniture for the bathroom. A Bathroom mirror cabinet is a great bit of furniture adding character whilst also being practical as both a mirror and storage. Especially good if your bathroom is small like mine! The mirror makes the room appear brighter and lighter opening up the space whilst the cabinet offers invaluable space stopping clutter from building up in the bathroom. They come in all shapes and sizes making it very easy to find the one that suits your bathroom best.

Mirror cabinets tend to fit perfectly just above the sink. Gone are the days of just a mirror and possibly a small shelf and replaced by a mirror with plenty of storage. Cabinets from brands such as Duravit and Villeroy and Boch have taken a seemingly basic product and loaded them with great features. Just some of the features that go a long way are built in lights for that added bit of brightness during those rainy days. Plug outlets for all your electrical bathroom appliances so you never have to worry if your toothbrush is charged or not. Then finally, adjustable shelves so you can fully customise the cabinet to you.

2. A Quality Shower

Hansgrohe shower
A good shower is a must. Last year the Guardian reported 76% of people prefer to shower than have a bath in the UK. They can also be great for saving space as a shower takes far less room up than a bath without having to sacrifice on comfort. Reliable and high-quality German manufacturer Hansgrohe, have a wide range of showers including ceiling mounted showers, wall mounted showers, hand showers, and many more. This means no matter the shower you want Hansgrohe will have it.

The type of shower you choose will all be dependent on what you are looking to get out of it. All the showers look great but I am a personal fan of both wall and ceiling mounted showers. This is because they look sleek and modern with a minimalist appearance whilst also offering an incredibly relaxing shower. If you are looking for something smaller, their hand showers are a perfect solution. Hand held and easy to use so when you get out of your shower you are still feeling fresh and clean. All Hansgrohe showers have incredible features adding to your experience. Multiple spray settings for optimum relaxation and eco technology to reduce water consumption meaning you know you are not wasting water needlessly.

3. A Soft Closing Toilet Seat

Soft close toilert seat
The final tip I have for improving your bathroom is a soft closing toilet seat. This is generally something that people do not think about or even consider but I believe is a necessity. Noise travels and walls are often thin in houses. Most major toilet manufactures now offer soft closing toilet seats with designs to suit any bathroom. A toilet seat can also a great way of upgrading the look of your toilet without having to fully replace it.

This small addition to my toilet has had a huge impact and will be appreciated in any family home. No longer being woken up in the middle of the night due to a slamming toilet seat by loved ones. Just remember when you go around to a friend’s house that they may not have joined the soft close toilet seat movement which will leave you wondering how you ever managed without!

These 3 tips are the beginning of your dream bathroom. This is obviously just a few things I think can really take your bathroom to the next level. Do not be afraid to go shopping around for other ideas too. I hope this insight will have you creating your new bathroom in no time.

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