What You Should Know About Bugs in Your Home

When there are creatures in your home, you run a lot of risks. While spiders are generally harmless and are everywhere and the odd fly will not harm you, many other kinds of life forms that get into your home can cause you and your family serious health problems. Calling an exterminator is vital to keeping your family safe and healthy.

Wires and Fires

Wires and Fires

If a mouse has gotten into your home, it is more than merely a potential plague carrier. While that would be bad enough on its own, mice can be dangerous in terms of setting fire to your home. While they cannot light matches, they can do the next worst thing that could still cause severe damage to your home.

Mice are like most rodents in that their teeth continue to grow for life. Because of this, they need to chew constantly in order to keep their teeth from getting too long. This chewing can take place on wood, on insulation, or even on the wires within your home. A mouse can get nearly anywhere, and chewing on wires can cause them to short out. From there, a short circuit can cause the cables to ignite nearby materials, which can grow into an unchecked fire very quickly.


Some sources say that it was actually gerbils, and not rats, that carried the bubonic plague into Europe hundreds of years ago. If the notion of the Black Death does not cause you concern, it should – the disease still exists, and the methods of transmission are the same as they were then.

Mosquitoes are also able to carry diseases. If they bite one person or animal with a blood-borne ailment and then bite another, that disease can be spread. This can happen multiple times, and any standing water can become a mosquito breeding ground.

Even flies and other flying insects can spread infectious agents. They do this by standing on a surface such as feces, inside a toilet or on rotting garbage, and then moving to another target that would not otherwise contain harmful bacteria. This process is quick, all but undetectable due to the size of the insect, and can be very damaging to your health.

Sleep Troubles

Sleep Troubles
Life-threatening infections, plagues, and house fires are very dramatic problems that pests can cause. But did you know that there are serious health detriments caused by not sleeping well? If insects such as bed bugs get into your home, they will bite you every night. While not dangerous to people who are not allergic to the bite itself, not sleeping is dangerous.

The bites will generally cause more fitful sleep and itching, which will contribute to problems such as high blood pressure. Over time, the health problems that inadequate sleep causes will get worse. While bed bugs may not be the most immediately dangerous pests in your home, hiring an exterminator to eliminate them is very important.

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