The New Pyramids of the New Capital

The Pyramids Mall New Capital project is the most significant commercial tower downtown, with a view of the Diamond Hotel and the Green River. The Pyramids Real Estate Company presents this project with reasonable prices and payment systems.

The location and design of the project

Pyramids Mall New Capital is in a vibrant area downtown, specifically in the New Capital, and near several well-known hotels, such as Al Masa Hotel, at gate 3. A vibrant place like this is one of the most critical things required for any business or investment to succeed. With a unit in the mall, you can draw many buyers since it is close to many major cities, developments, and residential districts, which have a large population. To name a few: Green River, Central Region, and the Diplomatic Quarter.

The mall occupies a wide area of 45,000 square meters and contains many units suitable for industrial, logistical, or even medical purposes. In other words, there are the following types of units: stores, offices, and medical centers.

Green areas, utilities, and leisure amenities occupy the remaining percentage of the property.

It has multiple floors and is wholly devoted to the shopping areas on the Pyramids mall. The entire mall boasts luxury and influenced architecture, with several exclusive touches, from new international centers.

The prices, reservation system, and services:

There are several reasons why Pyramids Mall in the New Administrative Capital is the perfect investment opportunity. The mall’s presence in the New Capital is one of its most essential advantages because it has a complete infrastructure and essentials such as electricity, water, and communications networks.

Units will be ready after 2.5 years from the date of the contract, which is not a very long time for such projects.

The mall has many meeting rooms to meet your various business needs. The project also has exquisite and unconventional designs, including a unique dancing fountain, entertainment shows, aquarium, and dolphin show.

Pyramids Mall’s cafes are very luxurious and offer high-end service to their customers. The restaurants are no less elegant than the cafes, and they all serve delicious menus and varied menus. Furthermore, all floors have electric escalators and elevators.

The buildings also have several main entrances to the mall, so there is no crowding. Moreover, Green spaces surround the various mall buildings to provide a more refined landscape.

You will book a unit at an exceptional price inside the mall. The rates are fair, ranging from 90,000 to 170,000, despite its strategic position and its many facilities. The cost differs depending on the form and part of the unit.

Pyramids Mall units have competitive rates as well as a range of customizable payment systems:


  • 30% downpayment with a yearly return of 12%, and the first installment is after the unit delivery.
  • 35% downpayment with a yearly return of 14%, and the first installment is after the unit delivery.
  • 40% downpayment with a yearly return of 16%, and the first installment is after the unit delivery.
  • 5% downpayment, with another 5% paid after three months from the date of the contract. The remaining amount should be in installments for eight years. 10% is for maintenance, also in the form of installments.
  • 10% downpayment, with the remaining amount paid in installments for ten years, plus an additional 10% maintenance paid in installments.
  • 25% downpayment (can be divided into installments), and the remaining amount should be in installments after receiving the unit in Pyramids Mall New Capital.
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