Luxury iPhone Case: List of the Best Choosing Tips from Labodet Store

Labodet Company is a team of professional workers that produce different leather accessories, especially phone cases. The company was founded in France, but it runs the business all around the world. These guys know that choosing the best cover for iPhone is a rather difficult procedure. Also, they realize that customers who look for luxury iPhone cases need functionality, high level of protection, and stylish design simultaneously. This thought is based on the understanding that nowadays, phones are some of the most necessary and common devices for most people, which implies that so important gadgets demand proper covering. Thousands of satisfied clients can prove the company’s qualification and pleasant support office. Thus, this list of choosing tips is made to prune down a complicated task. The best in iPhone repair services in Brooklyn, NY.

There are several points you should check before buying a case for your iPhone.


You can be confused by the huge diversity of materials used for case production. There are options made from plastic, silicone, natural positions like carbon fiber, leather or wood, synthetic fabric, rubber, and so on. All of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide what you wait for from the case to verify what is the best material for your requirements. A solid plastic case will protect better than any other, but it also will be unhandy. Silicon seems to be very affordable but unattractive and exacting in keeping it attractive. You can think that wood is the best option, but such cases are too stiff and can crack if you drop the phone. Today, more and more people see that leather is the most optimal material for a case. Skin accessories look exotic and underline the status of the owner. They also have good protection characteristics and age beautifully. Additionally, leather can be colored in various tones!

Case Type

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The range of various phone cover models can surprise. It is very important to determine which of them will be most functional for you. Besides utility, please, think about your outer look and lifestyle in general too.

  • Classic. These cases are one-size-fits-all and suit those who prefer strict style and minimalism. There are simple lines and nothing extra. However, such covers ineffectually protect fragile screen surfaces. If you want to defend the top side of the iPhone, better focus on models below in the list.
  • Folio. This type of case looks like a book and perfectly protects both surfaces – top and back – of your device. Additionally, a covered screen keeps your data out of inquisitorial glances.
  • Case with a strap on the backside. It seems to be the most functional model for people who always hold phones in hand and work a lot via the device. It can also be very beautiful if made in different colors of the main case “body” and a strap.
  • Pouch. Such a type of case resembles a pocket or bag. It perfectly protects the screen and prevents the leakage of personal information as a folio-type does.
  • All-in-one collections. This group consists of models with cardholders and cases with MagSafe (special magnetic iPhone charger). If you prefer to have a credit or business card at hand or always need a phone with every bell and whistle, pay your attention to one of the models from this range.
  • Crossbody Case. At the beginning of this century, such type of phone cover was very popular. Now, it gets a second wind of famousness. It is a good option for people who sometimes forget phones on tables, sofas, etc. and want to prevent such situations.

These two points – material and case type – are the most important things that you need to consider in-depth. If you need some help, remember that you can always ask the support office for a piece of advice.

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