The Best Couple Activity- Personalize Paint by Number!

The feeling of love and support is eternal and should stay fresh in any relationship, especially a couple. But nowadays, work and simple life have gotten hectic and frustrating, let’s be real here, we hardly get time to spend with our better half.

The best solution to this frustrating situation is to find specific activities that you both could do together to keep the love and spirit of longing alive. But what activity is the best? Simple? It’s a picnic or day in with paint by number.

What is it?

Paint by number is an activity through which you can paint together on a pre-drawn canvas. Well, it’s not all drawn; you get a rough draft of any picture and numbers printed on the canvas.

Along with this canvas, if you order a kit, you get colors according to the numbers, and with a bit of skill, you can end up with a true masterpiece. Sounds fun, right? It is.

Where to get it from?

Let’s get to the essential aspects first; where would you get the best paint by number canvas? There are a dozen sites up for the ordering purpose, but I would personally suggest you go for

You won’t regret ordering from them as they have the finest quality canvas with the best prints; not just that, but the paint and brushes that come along with the kit are also of premium quality.

Did I forget about the customization factor? Nope! They are named “Personalize Everything” for a reason. You can quickly get your canvas personalized according to your desired photo or picture.

Isn’t that great? How about printing your wedding day picture? It would be such a romantic affair to get indulged in painting the best day of your life with your soulmate and sharing all the fabulous memories alongside.

Not to forget that they offer the best discounts and promotions on different products regarding paint by number. So you don’t have to worry a bit about the budget. This way you can focus on buying good food, flowers or other gifts.

Now let’s come to the other aspects of getting a paint-by-number kit for your couple activity.

Personalize Paint by Number1

Why is paint by number activity best for couples?

There are a lot of other things that you could do other than paint by number. Then why choose this only for your next activity?


You see, other couple activities are too outdated. They think of going to the arcade, going on a picnic, going on a restaurant date, etc.

It’s alright to like all these things but don’t you think it’s getting a little outdated and boring? Well, I sure do!

If we compare this situation to having a beautiful date with art through paint by number kit, I will pick the color by number date any day.

I’m sure your loved one would enjoy being indulged in something so pure and artistic because it’s new and unique. Even if you both did go to a easy painting class for a date, this experience would be completely different.

It’s a flexible option.

The worst thing about specific dates is that you have to prepare separately for everything. If you are going to the arcade, you should have proper attire; if you are going to a picnic, you try to put on a little sundress, etc.

You have to prepare everything separately for just a single activity, but that is not the case when it comes to paint-by-number training. This is because it’s a very flexible and straightforward option.

Are you going on a picnic? A canvas can come along. Are you planning on staying home and chilling? How about painting on a canvas? You don’t need proper attire or separate preparation for that.

It’s an activity that’s casual and fun, best for couples together for a long time.

Moments matter.

If you are planning on a couples activity, you probably want to spend some quality time together? Just talking and feeling the vibes together.

This can’t be done in a place where there is a lot of rush and chaos; the best way to connect is while being together and enjoying each other’s company by bonding over something.

This part is the easiest and the most natural when it comes to painting by number. You will get a customized painting that would be close to both of your’s hearts.

While filling colors, you won’t realize, but you will be filling colors and reviving your old memories with that person over a canvas—the best bonding medium.

Everybody loves a little paint.

We all have a little artist inside of us, yes, the styles can be very different, but a little paint never fails to amaze and excite anybody.

Paint by number canvas is something that you can be particular about regarding whether your better half will like this activity or not because I’m very sure that they will.

You have the flexibility of choosing their style accordingly because the canvas can be customized easily. Once you have their kind of favorite memory painted on the custom paint-by-number canvas, there is no way that they won’t fall in love with you even more through the painting process.

Personalize Paint by Number2

It’s thoughtful.

You see, when you will be customizing the paint by number, what will you think about it? Again, your most precious or loved moment or something that they love, right?

Let me tell you something unique; they will love this idea because there can’t be any more thoughtful and comforting gift than realizing that your better half thought about you before making any decision.

So the paint-by-number activity will come to a lot later; your spouse will start appreciating you the moment they will lay eyes on the canvas, and that’s the goal.


Let’s be real here, you love your soulmate, but you don’t want to go bankrupt on a single date. You see, this is because it’s not a one-time thing, and you have to show some efforts every day, every week, every month to keep your relationship fresh.

No matter how small the activity of gift or gesture is, it does call for a bit of investment. In this case, if you want to save some money for later, a paint-by-number activity is the best, especially if you order from personalizing everything.

Paint by number canvas kit from personalizing everything is high in quality and easy to use, yes, but it’s also cheap with discounts almost every week.

So yes, you don’t have to worry about money when it comes to gestures if you are ordering a paint-by-number kit.


I hope to come towards the end of this read; you must have understood why paint by number is the best activity for you and your loved one.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on their site now and order your canvas because the stocks out.

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