Different Ways You Can Decorate a Gazebo for a Wedding

Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about gazebo weddings. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many couples are opting for outdoor weddings to protect their family and guests. Gazebos remain highly important, whether you are tying the knot in your garden or at a picturesque outdoor setting. It is very easy to transform your gazebo to suit any style, theme or design you have envisioned for your wedding. Gazebo wedding decorations have changed significantly — particularly because guest experience and event design are the main focus of most couples these days.

You will never run short of splendid ideas when it comes to gazebo weddings: from elegantly draped fabrics to beautiful flowers to lights.

Here are some of the best gazebo wedding decorations.


Lighting is important for weddings as it helps create a distinctive atmosphere. It is not just a mere decorative feature for your gazebo wedding. It plays a very powerful role; it dictates the mood and energy of the wedding. Lighting and decorations are inextricably linked. Lighting complements and further intensifies the beauty of the decorations while enhancing the general aesthetics.

Here are few tips for amazing lighting for your gazebo wedding:

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Luminaries give off a warm, soothing glow through candles inside a paper lantern. We advise you to utilise these lanterns to build a pathway leading to your gazebo. At dusk, when the sun settles, and the sky darkens, luminarias will become highly functional and visually appealing.


When the newly-wedded couples match into the gazebo at dusk for the wedding reception, make each guest carry a sparkler. You can purchase sparklers in large quantities at a low price. The entryway will appear as if they are lit by hundreds of small fireworks. This method is a creative way of amping up fun, laughter and happiness during your gazebo wedding.

Christmas Lights

Culturally, Christmas light symbolises harmony, joy and peace. You can always use them to decorate your gazebo. They can stylishly brighten up your gazebo. You can use them on the roof and edges of your gazebo.

Fabric Decorations

Using fabric decoration is a cost-effective way of sprucing up your gazebo. This isn’t a novel idea as it is among the most widely used methods of decorating a gazebo. You can choose from garlands, streamers, gazebo drapes and panels, as you can use them in various ways.

You can use fabrics in numerous ways to dress up your wedding gazebo: You can mould fabrics to form panels that cover the length of your gazebo; drape the fabrics over the interior of your gazebo by hanging them from the ceiling.

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Potted Plants

Gazebo weddings will benefit immensely from the addition of potted plants. Although fresh flowers look lovely too, potted plants introduce a pleasant, unique, and fresh appeal to your wedding decoration. They can serve as a key decorative element or a complement to your wedding flowers. Florists from https://myglobalflowers.com/ has a lot of options with bridal arrangements an potted flowers and plants.

A good advantage of using flowers for your gazebo wedding is that you won’t dump your beautiful plants in a garbage can after the event, you can take them home, and these potted plants will continue to add value to your life even years after the wedding. They are also environmentally friendly and budget-friendly.

Draping ribbons around your gazebo adds a touch of royalty, elegance and sophistication to your decorations. There are several ways to achieve this. You may attach a ribbon to the bottom of each chair or drape ribbons around your gazebo’s circumference.

Ribbons are affordable decorative features that you can get from your home or at any fabric store. For an exquisite appearance, use gold ribbons together with your wedding colour.

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