Suspension Lamps: Which to Choose and How to Use in Home Spaces

Suspension lamps such as chandeliers, adjustable spotlights, applique or ceiling lights, are among the most efficient solutions used in lighting interiors. They allow us to illuminate rooms in a functional and customized way.

What’s the right model of suspension lamps, usually is an underestimated question. The light design studies the light’s dynamics and the atmosphere created, in order to transmit positive sensations in the right moment when we open the doors to our guests.

Suspension lamps for the living area

In the entrance, we should prefer adjustable or embedded spotlights in the ceiling that can gently welcome those who come into our house for the first time. The lighting systems in this case should be like a handshake “welcome”. It should not be too aggressive nor too weak.

Suspension Lamps1

In the kitchen it is necessary to have a work surface and a cooker hood lightened in a efficient and strong way, maybe using lights under the kitchen cabinet that makes enjoyable the cooking and that provides strong light; in the living room, however, it might be nice to choose a suspension lamp or a chandelier to wide-ranging illuminate the table without tiring the eyes.

In this sense, then, if the lights in the work surface and the cooker hood are preferred colder and focused, for the living room we should prefer warmer lights in order to stimulate a more relaxed and colloquial atmosphere.

The living room is the room where the design light can express at the bests so it will be good to place different types of lighting systems choosing among table lamps that can guarantee a soft and relaxing light; spotlights with warm light in order to facilitate the reading; floor lamps that reflect the light in the ceiling; a chandelier that light up largely the room, if necessary.

Suspension lamps for the night zone

As for the bathroom, it is worth having two different separate suspension lamps or other lighting systems in order to guarantee an efficient and direct lighting in the morning and one more relaxed and warmer for the evening relaxing moments.

Suspension Lamps2

Therefore, we can consider to put an applique or a spotlight next to the mirror for a more direct light, and to use a suspension lamp in the rest of the room, as a ceiling light or a chandelier, in order to create a warm atmosphere for the relaxing evening baths.

In the bedroom, where the lighting should be one of the most relaxing, it is useful to choose abatjour or bed table lights that are functional but at the same time respectful of the aesthetics and of the warm atmosphere of the room.

Anyway, including a design light element is a must choice that, if properly studied, can transform a whole space and the ambient.

It is therefore important to put attention in the way we decide how toinclude lights in our house, so that all the spaces can have an image that reflects ourselves and our way of welcoming.

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