Top 3 House Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

If you are in the process of buying a house, or about to start that process, you will know first-hand what a daunting experience that can be. There is almost as much of an emotional commitment as there is a financial one, and trust me, you will want to make sure to avoid some very common mistakes that people can make along the way. Rest assured; we have got you covered with the top 3 ways to avoid making mistakes when house hunting.

Be Realistic

It is so important to be realistic about your budget. So many buyers dive deep into this process without fully knowing their financial capacity. It is much safer to be budget conscious through-out the entire process, rather than fall in love with a house that is not affordable. If you need to sell your long lost uncle’s house before you can move to a new one – these are great places to sell it painlessly provided you deal with reputable house buyers like We Buy Cle. If you partner with the right real estate agents when it comes to buying your new home, you can rest assured your potential new house will have had all the necessary safety checks and maintenance checks done before you move in and make the space your own. House inspections are an absolute must for getting the peace of mind you need when house hunting.

Realtor Showing Hispanic Family Around New Home

Local Insights

No one knows the area you are looking at moving to better than the friendly (or not so friendly…) locals. Ask around, drive around a bit during the day and in the evenings to get a good feel for your potential new neighbourhood. This way you will know before committing if your new area is lovely or horrid. You may find that it is a very different vibe at night, your potential new neighbour could have a less than lovely need to abuse his drum set or have a dog that is more yap than lap. It is great idea to get to know your potential new environment; your new commute radius, traffic patterns, nearby restaurants, corner shops and all aspects of your new life before committing.

Meet with Your Lender

Unless you have won millions on the lottery, in which case you would be riding around with your $40 000 sunglasses on, atop your newly acquired pet llama, Thanos, (or you should be anyhow…) – you will need financial assistance in purchasing your new home. You can, and should, work out how much you can afford in terms of monthly mortgage payments but that is not where that part ends. If there is a burly fella in the background carrying a tire iron, then I suggest looking for a lender somewhere else – preferably somewhere more professional looking. As with estate agents, you will want to find a patient and reputable lender who understands your affordability questions and concerns and will take the time to thoroughly address all of them.

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