Summer 2017 Interior Design Trends

It’s here! Summer 2017 is upon us and already at the end of spring, we had record-breaking temperatures. Of course, you know this because you have either been out enjoying it or sweating in an office. Then when you are at home the walls and décor feel unfit for this beautiful weather. You make the decision that it is time to redecorate. Well here is a summary of the top trends that will influence your trip to a furniture store.

Outdoor Living rooms

Taking the indoor feel outdoors and making use of the hotter weather.

With such surging improvements to the weather in the UK, it is increasingly popular for homes to feature an ‘outdoor living room’ rather than the costlier and unstylish conservatory. Rather than giving guests the feeling, they’re in a retirement home, an outdoor living area is similar to the exclusive gardens found on the coast of LA or Miami.

Outdoor furniture has to be water resistant and durable and designers are creating exceptional rattan designs in the UK. By using rattan furniture Manchester bars and restaurants are leading the way in outdoor furniture fashion.

Feature wall finishes

Create something exciting.

Feature walls aren’t new for this summer with last year’s designs featuring a stand out feature or “wall mural” as colleagues have described them. However, away from a simple paint job or wallpaper, interior designers are favoring a wall made from unusual woods, tiles, or even fabrics. This might sound absurd but early adopters are being rewarded with a dramatic design that is sure to intrigue and inspires. You can either leave these wall features natural or paint them with a transparent finish so the texture shines through.

Bold Floral designs

Flower power is back, sort of.

For those rooms that follow a darker theme, large floral prints are causing a stir and looking great. You shouldn’t and mustn’t go over the top but, against a dark wall consider a mural of a bright flower, which will enlighten the room and deliver soft, feminine tones. It doesn’t have to just be a wall feature either, with designers opting to use floral patterns for bedding, cushions, and even occasional furniture.

The Desert Effect

A natural impact.

Stepping away from the darkness, do you remember last year we were turning our living rooms into botanical gardens? Well, fear not because the flowery trends continue. This year though designers are favoring the desert look to compliment the earthy neutral tones that occupy our living rooms. Think about cacti and desert palms, the kind of plantation that luckily take little looking after. These go especially well with lighter colored rooms or rooms that attract a lot of light. Color-wise, earthy and neutral colors work best, but you can also consider Mediterranean colors such as dusty pinks and blues, or vibrant yellows.

Now you’ve read about interior design trends, why not learn a bit about the design trends of work environments by checking out this cool infographic from the team at HADO.
Top Office Design Trends

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