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10 Gorgeous Home Exterior Designs

It is always good to see your home as your pull up into the driveway after a time away, even if it isn’t much to look at. With these gorgeous exteriors though, you might just be inspired to take your facade up a notch or two and if you are inspired to change the exterior of your home then why not check out someone who can you redesign the outside of your house. The up-keep and general maintenance of a house from structurally and ascetics can be very demanding. More commonly residents of new build properties are using companies to keep there houses clean.

{ 1 } Keep it Classic

Common all across the United States and Canada, classic board or shingle siding is a beautiful option for your home exterior. They even rank as the most popular siding materials in Vancouver, with Vancouver siding contractors providing excellent work. These materials are often used, so you’ll want to make sure you find a highly skilled siding contractor to help your exterior stand out.

{ 2 } Modern Wood

This modern take on the traditional wood exterior makes beautiful use of slim, horizontal boards. With contemporary angles and dark metal trim, this home exterior is perfect for an update.

{ 3 } Mix it Up

Who says you have to pick just one? Take a cue from this gorgeous mansion and mix your exterior materials. This combination of stucco, wood, and metal makes for a pleasing, warm-weather aesthetic.

{ 4 } Take a Section

If you aren’t looking to resurface your home entirely, why not try out a section? With a refreshing coat of white paint on the brick and a bright, teal panelled section at the front, this home added quick pizzaz.

{ 5 } Smooth Operator

The smooth texture of these walls is sure to draw the eye. Combined with subtle colour blocking and sculptural detailing, this exterior offers inspiration for an upgrade to your traditional cul-de-sac appeal.

{ 6 } Go Rustic

Modern homes may be on trend, but you don’t have to follow the crowd. If you enjoy a good glass of wine and a walk through the fields, you might just love this rustic exterior. With differently sized stone masonry, this home is a classical sight to behold.

{ 7 } Traditional Take

Few things say “home” like a classic brick building. With timeless elegance and long-lasting durability, brick houses are an excellent investment.

{ 8 } Tiny Time

A beautiful home exterior is by no means required to be a large home exterior. This lovely, modern gem proves the point, mixing black wood, tan tiles, and white cement to create a small family home that offers big curb appeal.

{ 9 } English Cottage

The classics never go out of style. This is just as true in terms of home exteriors as it is in terms clothing, interior design, or any other market. The English cottage is the quintessential western classic, and its grey stones make an excellent exterior. No matter where you are in the world, you and your neighbours are sure to enjoy the appearance of this lovely stone.

{ 10 } Spanish Style

The warm stucco of Spanish-style homes translates well to a variety of different places across the globe. Paired with warm, red-orange tile shingles, the feel of the Mediterranean is never far away.

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