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5 Ways To Design Your Living Space like An Expert Interior Designer

5 Ways To Design Your Living Space like An Expert Interior Designer

Designing a home is definitely an art. The way your home is designed speaks volumes about you. Hence, people often trust an interior designer with this important responsibility. An interior designer might be able to work magic on your home. But that magic comes with an expensive price tag. At the same time, every other person might not want to hire a designer. It’s simply because they want to be in complete control of the design decisions. In any case, if you have taken it upon yourself to design your home, we have got you covered. Of all the spaces, your living space is the busiest place. The first space your guests encounter is the living room. So, while designing it special attention should be paid to all the details.

We have listed below 5 fabulous tactics you can use to design the living space yourself.

{ 1 } Get Creative With Colors

Colors are the most important element. While a good color scheme can completely uplift the overall interior look, an inappropriate color scheme can take away from all the other brilliant design elements. We also previously publish 25 images, which give you some color ideas to paint your house.

green velvet sofa living space

Green Velvet Sofa in Living Room Via Camille Styles

One of the most popular options is the three color pattern. First is the primary color for the walls, secondly is for the main elements such as couches and other furniture, and the third shade is for the accessories such as throw pillows, vases, etc. On the other hand, some people might be happy with just a single color scheme. Like an all-white palette. But it can be made interesting with different hues of white. You might also want to look at the preferred color schemes of 2017 or the latest Pantone colors.

shabby chic style living roomShabby-chic Style Living Room By Andrea Brooks Interiors

{ 2 } Accessorize it Right

The right accessories can transform the entire look of the living space. Select from a wide range of alternatives such as paintings, vases, hides, rugs, cushions & also it is very necessary to choose a right vacuum cleaner to make your life easy and efficient. Here you can have a look at my another post where I compare two most reliable vacuum cleaners.  A wise decision would be to select something classical like leather. You can also customize the leather accessories according to the decor needs of your living room.

dark living room accessories decorating ideasLiving Room Green Velvet Sofa Via Laura U Interior Design

{ 3 } Textures Make it Perfect

Textures such as fabrics or textiles are perfect for creating a warm and opulent environment. There are so many options to choose from – silk, cotton, brushed suede, bling, leather, faux fur etc. They can complement your color scheme and taste at the same time. For instance, if you have a darker color scheme and prefer a royal look, you can choose light colored silk textiles.

Dark Living Room Interior Design Townhouse By Caren Pardovitch Interior Design

{ 4 } Artistic Furniture

Use furniture as art to pep up your living room. Uniquely designed couches, slender armchairs with carved legs, etc., make the living room more engaging. The thought of mixing different furniture sizes and shapes is to balance the space as well as lend it a creative touch.

Artistic Furniture Contemporary Living RoomMagnificent Outlook By Marylou Sobel

{ 5 } Let There Be Lights

The secret to striking spaces is layered lighting. Opt for multiple layers and diverse styles of lighting. Mood lighting is also a preferred choice of many. The variety in lighting styles adds to the warmth and elegance of your living room. Decorate lighting with natural look, also called neo rustic, is today’s trend. It is very similar to the rustic style, but it’s more refined and updated. Check out our also published article on different way to decorate lighting with natural looks.

layered lighting living roomGrey Sofa With Beautiful Pillows Via Staffan Tollgard

Follow these techniques to design a living space of your dreams, sans the expense of a professional designer.

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