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Having a big backyard is one of the most valuable assets of a modern home. People living in small apartments or a house without a backyard can’t really know how many opportunities this little piece of land offers you and how much you can gain from it. You can turn it into an outdoor cinema, a perfect place for a birthday party or a relaxing area where you can enjoy your morning coffee or an afternoon tea. However, just having a backyard isn’t enough – you have to utilize it and turn it into something that your entire family will use on a daily basis. In order to do so, you must invest lots of time and effort into designing it and the first step towards a better backyard is proper lighting. Here are some of the best outdoor lighting ideas that might help you highlight your beautiful exterior.

tropical landscape beautiful lighting ideaTropical Landscaping By Debra Yates

Different Ideas

First of all, what options do you have? Are exterior lights the same as the ones you use indoors or are they somehow different? Do they use the same light bulbs? How much electricity do they use? Most importantly, how effective are they? These are just some of the questions you may have regarding your outdoor light selection, so here are a few types that could suit you.

Most people use LED lights as they’re eco-friendly and energy-efficient, so they’ll have a positive effect on your bills and your surroundings as well. However, one of the biggest benefits of LED lights is their low-voltage that makes them perfect for an outdoor use – moreover, you can connect them to a solar-energy source, which is always good. If this isn’t your cup of tea, install a reflector that provides much more light, but also uses more power. Finally, you can always opt for a more subtle low-voltage lighting.

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For more eco-friendly outdoor lighting, you can always use premium solar lights

These lights can provide several benefits. First, they improve safety by providing light and visibility. Second, with different styles of solar lights available, they also serve as excellent complements to make your exterior more stylish. Lastly, solar lights can help save energy and minimize your carbon footprint.  

You can install them in the following ways: 

  • Pathway lights: These are used to illuminate your pathways.  
  • Accent lights: These can highlight special features in your yard, like grottos or statuary. 
  • Outdoor furniture lights: These create a cozy atmosphere on your patio.  
  • Pool lights: These can be used to illuminate your swimming pool at night for safety and fun.  

Whichever you need, solar lights add to the form and function of your home.

Use The Surroundings

If your backyard includes a tall tree, a pergola or a gazebo, you can use them for as a support for your mounted lighting options. Just imagine having a fully-lit deck attached to your home – you don’t even have to spend time there, but simply looking at it will make you feel special! But if you do decide to put it into use, there are lots of evening activities you can organize here, from a barbecue with your friends to a romantic dinner with your significant other. Just make sure you avoid the dangers of grilling outdoors and enjoy your time under the open sky.

There are more ways to use your surroundings for outdoor lighting. For instance, you can use trees and shrubs to block unwanted light from entering your yard. You can also design your lighting fixtures in a way that maximizes natural light first, letting you save on energy as you can rely on the latter more during the day. A typical example is placing a patio table under a tree.

backyard string lights ideas

Backyard With Pergola and String Lights Via Pinterest

Up or Down?

Most people love scattering on-grounds lights all around their backyard, pointing their beams in different directions and accentuating certain parts of their property. You can light up the back wall of your house, a statue or a fountain, making it stand out even more. Additionally, this type of lighting won’t hurt your eyes or interrupt your backyard conversations because it’s so soft and adaptive to your outdoor space.

exterior deck lighting ideasEntrance Stair Lighting Idea By Mckay Lighting | Photography By Tom Kessler

Other people, however, prefer lighting up their backyard from above and thus choose big and bold wall-mounted reflectors. But, if you still want some privacy and wish to create a romantic setting, be sure to pick ceiling lights that are subtle, yet powerful enough to illuminate your backyard properly. Therefore, keep them in mind while preparing an extraordinary event, such as an outdoor wedding – these lights will shine like stars and make your special day even more special.

decking with lights designsContemporary Deck By Studio Architectonic

Other Ideas

Of course, these are lots of other outdoor lighting options and these aren’t the only ones you can explore – you can combine them with your floating steps, benches, pools and even water walls! If picked and installed properly, outdoor lights will successfully highlight all areas of your backyard and turn it into your private oasis.

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