Back To Black: Decorating With Dark Color Schemes


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Do you consider yourself a color chicken or a risk-taker? For years, the most popular color on residential walls was beige, or some other – yet similar – light shade. White was used to creating an illusion of spaciousness and let enough light in. Lately, interior designers are becoming less concerned with space and focus more on the message space should send. In order to achieve that, they have decided to go with dark color schemes – or go home. Here is how to introduce this trend into every room of your house.

Bright Chandelier Decorating With Dark TonesBright Chandelier Dark Green Interior Design Style By Cora Vohwinkel Via Milk Magazine | Photography By Graham Atkins Hughes

A Dramatic Entrance

The foyer is usually a small, narrow space. These features use to predetermine the color options for that space. Guess what was the most popular paint used in the entryway? That’s right – white. This year, however, you can forget all about the fake spaciousness and drench the entrance in dark hues. The foyer is a transitional space where you spend very little time, so painting it black would be a great way to start with the dark color trend. Include some interesting details like brass pendant lamp, free-standing mirror and Moroccan tile floor.

Interiors dark entrywayDark Entryway Interior By Lilly Bunn

Dark grey entryway apartmentJosefin Haag’s Apartment Via Decor Dots

Come To The Dark Kitchen, We Have Cookies

Go beyond pale in this utilitarian room and introduce luxury or industrial décor with charcoal grey. The dramatic lighting fixture can compensate for the lack of brightness. If your house is older and your cabinetry is more traditional, black or grey can look too modern.

Dark Kitchen Small DiningDark Kitchen Cabinets Via Elin Lannsjo

Instead, you can choose a very dark green shade. Combine it with dark wood tones to make the vibe just right.

The Brave New Dining Room

Dining room usually doesn’t require a lot of light, so you won’t take anything away from it if you paint it dark blue, forest green or brown.

Dining room dark gray walls with royal blue accentsElegant Gray Dining Room By Green Couch Interior Design

One striking lighting fixture (e.g. crystal chandelier) and one, or two mirrors will provide sufficient light and introduce some sparkling magic, as well.

black and white dining roomSea Cliff Estate By MB Jessee

Dark Necessities in Living Room Design

Darke color make the room feel more intimate and encourage long conversations, so the living room is the best place to introduce them. Dark grey or chocolate brown will set the mood for the perfect gathering spot, but that is just the beginning.

Dark Living Room LibraryBlack Fireplace Mantel By Lauren Lozano Ziol

Soften up these colors with several details in neutral shades and various warm textures, such as velvet sofa and rug.

living room dark walls and deep green velvet sofaRue Verte High-End Interior Design Shop Via The Design Chaser

Sleep Tight

Unlike the living room, bedroom design shouldn’t encourage conversation, but peace and relaxing. The conventional tips for bedroom colors would say that you should use soothing hues like blue, earthy green, pale pink, and similar. This, however, doesn’t mean that dark tones won’t let you get enough sleep.

black bedroom design ideasDark Night Via Freelancers 3D

Mineral grey combined with brass details and retro furniture will make your bedroom look like it belongs in a luxurious hotel. If you want a warmer feel, go with a deep reddish-brown and pair it up with crisp white queen mattress and bedding.

bedroom color trends 2017Balance Between Dark and Light in Your Bedroom By i3 Design

Goodbye All-White Bathroom!

Aren’t you just tired of the same old all-white bathroom? You’re not alone. It is no wonder that 2017 brought the trend of dark bold colors in the bathroom as well. Coat your bathroom in an interesting, dominant shade like midnight blue, dark grey, chocolate brown and forest green.

Dark grey bathroomDark Grey Bathroom Style Via Molteni Motta Fotografie

However, choose complementary colors carefully. They should tone down the drama, but also, draw attention. Metals, such as brass and copper, will shine in the gloomy shadows and offer warm reflections. White can still be present but in small amounts.

Exquisite bathroom in gray white and goldBathroom With Concrete Floor

So, what do you say – are you ready to make some brave choices this year? Start from your home, and you will see just how easy it is.

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