10 Space Saving Furniture Designs For Small Apartments

Small high-end apartments for sale these days are very common, especially in densely populated cities. But having a small apartment is not a problem, you need to organize it creatively for allowing more space to move around freely. By decorating your small apartment using a minimalistic approach, you can successfully create more space and ensure it is comfortable at the same time. Current city dwellers are bound to feel constricted and frustrated by the smaller living spaces they have to live in. This has made space saving furniture items popular purchases for modern small apartment residents.

This type of specialized furniture is designed for taking as little space as possible. Not only are these pieces chic, they are multifaceted as they enable people to use the furniture for not just one thing, but for several purposes.

Space saving furniture for a small apartment

In this article, we present 10 brilliant space saving furniture designs that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This collection of creative space saving furniture items reveals how much space these small apartment products can save you.

{ 1 } The Compact Bed

A fine example of space saving furniture is this compact bed, which is combined with a bookshelf. It has a mattress, which is attached to the wall between freestanding bookshelves. They form a bed once the two parts of the mattress are placed on the floor.

Modern Compact Bed Wooden Bedroom

Small Modern Bedroom By Cocoon 9

{ 2 } The Perfect Folding Table

This table will not take much of your apartment space. Simply unfold it when you need a small place to work.

scandinavian dining room folding tableScandinavian Dining Room Folding Table Via 30s Magazine| Photography © By Louise de Miranda

{ 3 } A Staircase Bookshelf

To maximize space in your home, utilizing under stairs storage space solutions can help to de-clutter and create functionality in an otherwise unused space. This staircase runs up alongside a bookshelf wall. It fits into the smallest spaces and can store books.

stairs book storage ideasBook Tower House By Platform 5 Architects

{ 4 } The Flexible Sofa

The sofa that converts into a table could perhaps become a popular spot for the men in the house for playing cards. A good example of space-saving furniture that usually comprises of a variety of applications is a combination that consists of a sofa and a table.

warhol sofa

multipurpose furniture for small spaces sofa converts into tableWarhol Sofa Via Style Files

{ 5 } Your Pet’s Dinner In a Drawer

Don’t want your pet to litter the small living space in your apartment? Simply close the drawer when your dog is done with his dinner.

Pet's Dinner In Kitchen DrawerModern White Kitchen By Schlicht Lamprecht

{ 6 } Chair With Bookshelf

This chair makes you forget bookcases. Having this chair in your bedroom or living room means all your important books will always be within reach.

creative Chair With bookshelvesArmchair & Bookshelf Design By Tembolat Gugkaev

{ 7 } Minimalistic Folding Bed

This folding bed is a perfect buy if you prefer a minimalistic look or expecting guests in your small apartment.

maple hill farmhouse minimalistic folding bed Maple Hill Farmhouse By Kelly & Co Design | Photography By Paul Johnson

{ 8 } 4 Chairs in One

With an artistic touch, this ’Russian doll’ version of a chair can accommodate four adults.

space saving furniture chairsFour charis in one designed by Puur Design

{ 9 } Collapsible Window Blinds

Folding windows by NanaWall connect the indoor and outdoor kitchen areas. Would love the sink to be in front of the kitchen window and dishwasher next to it.

Folding windowsIndoor Outdoor Kitchen Folding Windows by NanaWall connect | Photography © by Heather Merenda

{ 10 } Foldable Baby Changing Table

What a beautiful way to save space for a baby changing table and baby care products. Now you can easily store everything for your baby in this small storage furniture piece and fold it when you don’t need it.

Foldable Baby Changing Table Wall Mounted Changing Table & Care Product Storage Designed by Smallable

These flexible furniture designs propose functional solutions for people living in small apartments. Such furniture pieces offer numerous amenities and have diverse applications in everyday life.

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