Stellar Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, & Pantry

Effective Organization Maximizes Your Kitchen

Not only are kitchens tend to be some of the most high-traffic areas on any property, they’re also likely to experience disorganization and neglect in great abundance. It takes a lot of work to make a meal, and it’s not always convenient to put things away once a person has finished using them. Cleaning up after a meal is likewise tiresome.

Once the work is done, there’s ample instinct to leave things in a clutter for a time. When you do eventually get around to cleaning things up, the task can be pretty tiresome. Most people have silverware drawers that look like somebody threw a grenade inside because they are so disorganized.

Following will be a few tips to help stimulate your imagination toward more efficient maximization of storage areas in your kitchen. Even the most lackluster food prep space can have that “wow” factor if it’s clean. Find a place for everything, and be sure that everything is in its place.
Effective Organization Maximizes Your Kitchen

Pantry Organization Tips

Your pantry shouldn’t be like the hall closet, or the bedroom closet. You shouldn’t have tupperware, pans, boxes, and old dry food years past its expiration date. What you need to do is establish an organizational pattern that you follow until it’s essentially habitual.

Things that you use from the pantry regularly should be organized and at eye level. You should have those things divided up. Food and foodstuffs shouldn’t be in the same place as appliances, or storage containers. It can be helpful to have a hanging basket where you store things like plastic sacks or sandwich bags.

The size of your pantry will in large part determine how much storage you can use. In some homes, kitchens are large enough that a little property-value enhancing remodel can make a pantry where there was one. If you’re ripping out cabinets and installing new ones, you might leave a corner without any water hookups or appliances free, install a wall, and put a door in it. Voila, you’ve got a pantry.
Pantry Organization Tips

Cabinet Organization Tactics

At, you can find some in-depth examinations of RTA options to help give you an idea what features you can best put to use in your own kitchen. Some cabinets have different interior partition options which could be key features you need to get your kitchen looking and working how it’s supposed to.

How you hang and store cookie sheets, pots and pans, cutting boards, measuring cups and cutlery, and even certain food items can be augmented through cabinetry designed for such storage needs. This can save you a lot of trouble and represent an area of useful functionality as well.

A good idea is to store heavier things like pots or pans below the waist, in the lower compartments of cabinets. This is as much because of their weight, as it is a consequence of their size. Big pots and pans can be hard to maneuver. If you’re always on tip-tope putting them away, you’re just asking for trouble. Intuitive organization which is convenient will help cleaning be less complex, and easier to keep up with.
Cabinet Organization Tactics

Drawer Organization Strategies

There are different kinds of cutlery items that will be stored in different drawers. You may even find that it’s worthwhile to put spices in drawers and organize them alphabetically. Many prefer a spice rack, but others have different perspectives when it comes to that. Cooking style will be a factor.

Whatever you land on, it’s important that you keep like items together. Cutlery you eat with should be separate than that which you cook, mix, or otherwise prepare food with. Tupperware and drawers are a good match, but try and store items of like size together, and figure out a way to deal with those lids, or you’ll definitely get frustrated.

Also, a rag drawer can be a good idea; but try to store it away from cutlery. Sometimes rags begin to smell after a few years’ use, even if you wash them. You definitely don’t want that smell sneaking into food through proximity to preparative cutlery or receptacles. Also, for health reasons, cleaning chemicals like soap or bleach should be stored as far from food as possible; whether you keep them in drawers, cabinets, or the pantry.

A More Harmoniously-Organized Space

Here are some additional kitchen design ideas which could help you as you put your pantry, drawers, and cabinets in their best organizational order. The key is functionality which matches activity, and a balance that allows you to keep things clean with minimal effort.

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