About Time: How Long Does Each Room Take to Renovate?

Some rooms can get a makeover in several weeks, while others may take months. Anyone would expect that much given the scope of a renovation project. But when your home’s collecting dust and you have strangers coming in and out, even days can feel like forever.

A good contractor would provide you a schedule and tell you what’s going to happen between the start and end dates. They would also tell you about possible delays, which is actually quite common especially for large projects like a kitchen remodel or a room addition.

Some scenarios that may cause delays are products being out of stock which prevents timely delivery; subcontractors running behind schedule; bad weather; unforeseen problems like rotting or mould inside the walls; inspections or permits not being accomplished on time; the work crew not being big enough for the scope; and many others.

Experience is key. An experienced builder will know that delays are inevitable, so they will work these days into the project schedule to try to give you a realistic timeline. But they will also know how to minimise setbacks in order to stay productive throughout the renovation phase.

So what’s a realistic timeline for each room to renovate?

Bathroom–At least three weeks


One thing the prolongs bathroom renovations is laying new tiles. Tiling is a tedious process, which takes about a couple of weeks depending on the size of your bathroom. Cutting the tile pieces, grouting and drying eat up a lot of time for quality results. It also puts other works on hold.

Another thing that can cause delays is getting a custom glass shower door, which is the trend these days. To fit one in your bathroom, you’ll have to wait for the tub and walls to be installed before taking measurements and placing your order for those doors.

Additional features like heated floors would considerably bump up the work and timeframe.

Kitchen–3 weeks to 3 months

It’s common for kitchen renovations to include a new layout. This can stretch the time as relocating the stove or sink could involve running new plumbing pipes, adding a new gas line or installing new electric outlets. New flooring, running any new fixtures and repairs would also add to the timeline.

For custom cabinets, rooms have to be measured and production will take between two to four weeks. For modern countertops, the base cabinets have to be installed first before the countertop is measured and cut to size. A laser cutting machine is often used to ensure the top fits seamlessly with no gaps, giving your countertop a high-end finish.

Room addition–up to 4 months

An addition involves the same process as a new build, but on a smaller scale. The main deterrent here is the weather. For instance, framing can’t be done when it’s too cold while pouring concrete is impossible in rainy weather. Otherwise, if everything goes smoothly, you can have a new standard-size room in as early as eight weeks.

Basement/ garage conversion–3 weeks or more

Basement garage conversion
Converting basement and garages is another way to extend your living space minus the expense of building an addition. The build time will depend on how finished these rooms already are – so you might only need to upgrade a few things here and there. It all comes down to communication with your builder so they understand what you want out of the room.

A few tips…

Whatever renovation plans you have in mind, a successful outcome depends largely on getting the right contractor. Find an Auckland builder that is fully qualified, fully experienced and values their clients. Be prepared with a plan and a budget so it’s easier for your builder to work up a realistic timeline. It will save both you and your contractor headaches along the way.

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