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Soundproofing on a Budget: Stretch Ceilings to the Rescue

It’s Saturday night, and you are thinking about a quiet lunch with no one but a rerun of the Simpsons, but your neighbors let you. They are having a party, and they want the entire building to join in. Now, what do you do? The noise turned lovable Chandler to Mr. Heckles in less than five minutes, and you certainly don’t want that to happen to you. Below are soundproofing on a budget tips by Soundproof Zone.

What’s your noise?

Most people associate noise pollution with excessive honking and traffic noise or the sound of jackhammers early in the mornings. However, we frequently accuse our neighbors, roommates or family members of disturbing our peace by stomping on the floor, vacuuming early in the morning or blaring music late at night. That too is a form of noise pollution. Indoor noise pollution is an inherent problem in city life. Computer speakers, old microwave ovens, car alarms, construction tools, and even big parties can become sources of noise pollution in your home. Sometimes, we become the source of noise in our household without even realizing it.

Whether you like loud music or you want to preserve the tranquility of your home, you should go ahead and invest in soundproofing your home before the neighbors’ barge in complaining. There was a time when soundproofing came with a lot of clauses. The expert consultation cost a bomb, and the homeowners had to shell out a significant amount of money for the insulation of the walls and ceilings. It was an extensive process that deterred many and forced others to adjust with their noisy neighbors.

Soundproofing is not complicated anymore!

State-of-the-art soundproofing techniques are more simplistic than they used to be. The process is much quicker and cost-effective too. Have you heard of stretch fabric ceilings? These are the beautiful but functional new ceilings that can cover old, popcorn ceilings and provide unique warmth to any old room. The experts analyze the noise source, type and level in an apartment before they install specialized versions of the same stretch ceilings. However, some of the components are a little different. The stretch films for soundproofing have even perforations throughout and the acoustic back absorbs the sounds. The new-age stretch fabric technology for soundproofing not only prevents sounds from passing through, but they also stop the sound waves from spreading out. Most importantly, part of the sound that the surface does not absorb reflects from the ceiling into the source room. Did you know? Noise can take a toll on your mental and physical health. You need to take necessary steps for controlling the level of noise around you, before it makes you sick.

Why we love acoustic stretch ceilings

In the early days of soundproofing, the setups were quite cumbersome. New soundproof ceilings are not as elaborate, but they are more effective than their older counterparts. Here are some benefits of installing soundproof stretch fabric ceilings in your room –

  • They render a modern chic appearance to your office and home
  • Any stretch ceiling for Noise Pollution Mitigation is easy to install
  • It does not interfere with the original structure and integrity of the room
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • You can connect multiple lighting fixtures depending on their need and aesthetics
  • You can use the stretch ceiling to hide the old pipes and wiring
  • You can replace a stretch ceiling with another one with ease
  • If you have a large area, fabric stretch ceilings are the most economical solutions for soundproofing

Multiple purposes, one installation

That brings us face-to-face with the two purposes of acoustic stretch ceilings –

  • To beautify any room
  • To stop sound from spreading

These stretch ceilings are perfect for dampening noise coming from the outdoors and checking the noise emanating from the indoors. Whether there is traffic right outside your bedroom window or you are installing new shelves, these stretch ceilings should be able to provide you with tranquility and privacy. Stretch ceilings of fabric with noise mitigating properties is a smart investment for those living in the cities close to the main street.

No asbestos, only quietude

Installing a stretch fabric ceiling is the favorable solution for many homeowners, who don’t want to overspend on breaking down old ceilings. It is a safe solution for homes with popcorn ceilings that might contain asbestos. Since their installation does not require extensive construction work, the risks of upsetting the asbestos in any old ceiling are almost negligible. The combination of thick paneling covered by the stretch fabric ceiling envelopes any dangerous material and keeps it away from the occupants of the room. Quite a few homes in the city now choose stretch fabric ceiling installation over asbestos removal due to the lesser risks involved in the process. The homeowners don’t have to evacuate or hire living spaces as they do during asbestos removal. The installation takes only a few hours at the most, and by the end of the day, the owners can have a brand new ceiling that adds an original beauty to their home.
you need more

Sometimes, you need more

The stretch fabric material might look thin and light, but they have the potential to mitigate impact noises and airborne noises entirely. Sometimes, it is not enough to install the fabric only for noise mitigation, and one needs to use porous material panels for adequate sound absorption. Impact noises arise from people walking in the floor above or people moving things around in the next room. Whereas, airborne noises are the familiar traffic sounds, people talking loudly, songs playing on TV and loud music next door. The unique perforated structure with a thick backing enables the ceiling to block all types of noises that might be disturbing your sleep.

If you are thinking about leasing out your old apartment or sprucing up your old home, an acoustic stretch fabric ceiling might be the solution. Apart from hiding the unsightly blemishes and discoloration on the ceilings, they can mitigate the noises that older buildings typically generate from creaking floors and dated plumbing. Most importantly, you might end up saving a few bucks on heating after installing these aesthetically pleasing stretch ceilings.

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