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Before now, Charleston was known as Charles Town, named after Charles II. It was officially known as Charleston in 1670. The establishment of this town brought about colonization in the state of South Carolina. In 1722, the city was given the name, ‘Charles town’ after few years the name was changed to Charleston. As at the year 1775, the city of Charleston was off the seat of provincial congress, and it led to the creation of South Carolina of which it later became a capital in the year 1776. During the time that America sought revolution, the city was colonized by the British between 1780 and 1782. The legislature later changed basement to Colombia; it ceased to be a state capital around the year 1790. After it was freed from the British restrictions, the city prospered in the United States until the war in 1812. Ever since then, the city of Charleston has moved from history to history, from adventure to adventure until it finally settled in the United States.

Irrespective of their struggles, the city of Charleston has been able to build themselves, maintain a good economy. The city contains some historical landmarks with over the top architectures which we are going to be exploring.

Charleston is located in South Carolina U.S.A. To travel to Charleston; you would have to abide by the U.S immigration and travel rules. Do I need an esta if I have a visa? You would need your VISA or ESTA; if you have already gotten one, you can apply for either of them. The United States allows travelers who travel with ESTA for 90 days and nothing longer. To acquire an ESTA approval, you will need an ESTA application.

Charleston is not such a big city; you can get around on your own without a tour guide. It is one of the oldest cities in America; the city has a lot of historic landmarks with beautiful construction. Somehow the city has managed to keep and maintain some of those landmarks irrespective of innovation and development. Some of these landmarks include:
Chase Furniture Company

Chase Furniture Company

Chase furniture company is located at upper king street; the building was designed by Augustus Constantine. It was constructed in 1946; the building was a company building for chase furniture until 2005. The building was not in use for one year; in 2007 it was used as the Charleston law school and has remained so till date. The thing that made this building most stand out is the intriguing choice of monochrome paints and large reflective windows.

Unitarian Church

This church is located in Archdale street; it is one of the oldest churches in South Charleston and one of the famous churches in the downtown. The congregation began construction of this church in 1772, by 1776, the church was barely complete because of the war of the American Revolution, and it was dedicated in 1787. The Unitarian church became part of national history in 1973 when it was declared a national historic landmark.

William Aiken House

William Aiken House
The William Aiken house used to be someone’s house; it was built by James Mackie in 1807. Currently, the building is used as an event center; several movies have also been shot in this colorful building. The building stands out because of its intriguing colorful details.

363 King St.

The building is located at 363 King Street; it was designed and constructed by Architect W.B.W. in the year 1871. The building was originally owned by Christopher Poppenheim, who was an old merchant; the building was constructed with brick and terracotta, it has its year of construction significantly sculpted on the top wall. This is one of the best places to visit in Charleston if you want to have an unforgettable trip.

371 King St.

The house was constructed in the year 1918 at 371 Kings Street, it was originally called the garden theater, and later it became a movie theater up until the late 1970s when it was closed down for a while. The building started functioning again in the year 1977; from that time, the city of Charleston kept on using the building. In 2003, they decided to use the building as a retail space, and it has remained so till today.

The Liberty & Citizens’ Bank building

The liberty and citizens bank building is located at 253 Kings Street. It was built by John wellington Newcomer in the year 1914. The newcomer had constructed many works during the time of the 20th century and which brought him a great reputation and also brought him the name “dean of Charleston architects” in 1980 M.P Demetre Jewelers took the building as their home, and they have their name boldly carved at the top of the building. Make sure you visit this locale in your next trip.

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