Some Handy Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

When the birds return to your garden, and you can finally put your winter clothes away, it is time to take a tour around your property to check for any spring maintenance you can do. Your home will need a bit of a tune-up after the harsh winter weather. Here is a checklist you can consult when you are preparing to give your home a look over.

Brickwork, Paint, and Stucco

Brickwork, Paint, and Stucco

Spalling is when the covering on top of bricks is chipped away, which is not ideal because it leaves bricks and mortar susceptible to crumbling and moisture. This damage is something that can happen quite frequently in older homes.

Unsightly white salt deposits called efflorescence can also occur during water evaporation. It is recommended that you dry-brush the walls during dry weather and remove it. Check the bricks, paint, and stucco for any signs of water penetration. If you spy any, apply a sealant that is appropriate for the surface.

Siding And Gutters

Siding And Gutters
Get your extension ladder out of storage and check the roof and gutters for any signs of neglect. If the roof tiles are cracked or stained, this could be the precursor to a leak penetrating through to the ceiling. If the gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves, remove the debris before the heavy spring rains begin.

Siding and trim must be checked for rot and repainted if there is peeling. Because this is more than a simple DIY project, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

Tree Care And Maintenance

Tree Care And Maintenance
Winter is a hard time for trees. They can suffer from heavy snowfall and cracking ice. This is not something a homeowner can tackle on their own. You should hire the services of a professional tree care service that also offers tree felling and arboriculture upkeep (a tree surgeon to remove damaged branches).

If you search in a wide area around Lawrenceville, GA, you won’t find a better company to handle your garden growth than NS tree service. Call today for a free quote on all your tree maintenance issues.

Basic Chores Before the Spring Rains Set In

Basic Chores Before the Spring Rains Set In

  • Take a screwdriver and check the trim around the windows for any signs of flaking and looseness. If you see cracks and rubble, fix it up with window putty and repaint it.
  • Make sure when you have your ladder out to check the roof tiles and look at the chimney. Now that it is no longer in constant use, it is the time to have the flue inspected and cleaned by a professional sweep service.
  • If you have concrete as your driveway or patio, check it for any cracks or slab movement. If an expert has installed your slab, the level of all the concrete areas should tilt slightly away from your home and towards the drainage.

Now that you have your comprehensive checklist, go get your home ready for a beautifully hot summer—be careful on those ladders!

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