How to Take My Smart Home Into 2019

We’re lucky enough to live in a world that’s packed to the brim with technology, and now it’s gotten to a point where it’s so advanced that we can now have technology in our homes. Many people don’t realise how much they use technology each and every day and how lost they would be without it.

The wonderful minds of our planet have taken the science of technology so far that it can pretty much think for itself. All it needs is a simple user command to perform, which makes life even easier! So how can you integrate smart technology into your home in 2019, and why will it benefit your life? Check out this quick guide on the best smart home automations so that you can turn your home into a smart one!

Smart lighting

Smart lighting

Lights are lights, right? Why do they need to be smart? There are plenty of reasons as to why smart lighting in your home in 2019 will come in handy. To name a few:

  • Heading away for the weekend and suddenly realised that you’ve left lights on in your home? Rather than turning back, you can control your lighting from an app on your phone wherever you are in the world!
  • Remembered that you left the light on in your sleeping child’s bedroom? If you’re a parent you’ll know how dangerous is it to walk into your child’s bedroom once they’ve fallen asleep. Now you don’t need to worry! Simply dim the lights using your handy app and avoid waking them up!
  • You can set the mood for whatever occasion it is by changing the colour and brightness of your lights. Christmas? Why not opt for a red and green theme! Date with your beloved? Dim the lights and get cosy on the sofa!
  • If you’re out late at night and want to make sure that you’re coming home to a cosy and well-lit home, you have the luxury of being able to control your lighting remotely! Perfect for those cold and windy nights where you can’t wait to get home!

Smart lighting is also environmentally friendly compared to regular lighting too, especially because you can dim the lights and conserve energy!

Smart cleaning

Smart cleaning
Not many people actually enjoy cleaning and now, you don’t have to do as much! With a plethora of smart cleaning devices you simply don’t have to do as much cleaning as before, and not only is that super convenient but it’s also saving you loads of time too! Here are some fantastic smart cleaning devices you should consider getting for your home:

  • A Roomba (a.k.a the robotic hoover).
  • A robotic mop to follow your roomba around and mop your floors for you too!
  • A smart dishwasher that not only cleans your dishes, but knows what kind of cycle to use too, saving money on your water bills.
  • An automatic window cleaner that saves you having to climb a ladder and endanger yourself.

Smart gardening

Smart gardening
Spending time in your garden is lovely, but when you haven’t got much time it can soon become a pain tending to it, also meaning that you’re not getting the chance to appreciate your garden. Now you can make things easier on yourself by using smart gardening tools such as:

  • A robotic lawnmower. Not only will it save you time but it will also prevent you from having to pay for a gardener to tend to your lawns!
  • A smart irrigation system to keep your garden watered regularly and have it looking super healthy! They work on timers and also by working out what kind of weather conditions are around. This means that your garden won’t ever be over-watered and sooden.
  • A smart device that measures how well hydrated your soil is, what kind of soil is best for your plants, and whether your soil is providing enough nutrients for your garden. Another easy way of keeping your garden healthy!

Smart assistants

Smart assistants
Finally, we’re now in an age where we no longer need to fumble around for a pen and paper when we need to jot down something or save a date. Now we can simply talk to our virtual assistants on our smart devices and set up reminders, call and text people, make shopping lists, play our favourite music, the list goes on! Why not treat yourself to an Alexa dot and never have to worry about missing a thing again or more importantly, misplacing your pen and paper!

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