Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen

You may have wondered why the kitchen is always cluttered. Research shows that people use the kitchen more often than they think.

When you’re making purchases, kitchen items top the list. That is because there is a natural desire to make cooking comfortable. That is why you are more likely to go to the kitchen with your smartphone today than you would in the past.

Minimalist designs on modern kitchens do not allow elaborate items in the kitchen. On the other hand, a cluttered kitchen is a safety hazard. You have to be organized to stay safe in the kitchen.

Here are a few ways to make your kitchen clutter-free.

If You Have Made an Upgrade, Store or Sell the Old Item

If You Have Made an Upgrade, Store or Sell the Old Item

Having duplicate items is the simplest way of making your life difficult. If you have new storage cans, get rid of the old ones. If you have a new toaster, sell or give away the other one.

There is no need for keeping two items. You can consider upgrades as a way of decluttering. Consider one that does two or more tasks when buying new cooking appliances.

Sort Your Items

Sort Your Items
Grouping and stashing similar items are two ways to do that. As you have noticed, your inability to get what you are looking for can cause more chaos.

The best way to sort is by checking the characteristics. For example, hangable cutleries should be stored together. Put cereals together, spices together, fruits together, and so on.

However, be careful with such classification as the items are best stored based on the frequency of use. Labeling your containers can help if you are not using the kitchen alone.

Define the Cooking Range

Cooking Range
Your cooking area should determine what you store and where you store it. Frequently used items should be reachable. Cooking should be fun, not torture. If you have to move from one area to the next looking for things, your cooking will not be fun. Exhaustion in the cooking area is a safety issue.

If you can’t find the right cutlery, cookery, or otherwise, you may be tempted to use the wrong one, increasing your chances of injuring yourself. You can use a tiered cake stand as an organizer for your kitchen sink. It can hold the hand wash, scrubber, and towel—you can wash up comfortably.

Install and Divide

1459 Marth Stewart Living
If you don’t have enough space, you should consider a minor remodel. You can replace the half cupboard with a full-length cabinet. You can also add open shelves and dividers. Open shelves improve visibility and display.

Divide the storage on demand. Upon sorting, you can divide based on the size of bottles or cans. Install enough hanging places such as pegboards—some kitchen items should naturally hang. Unlike hangers, a pegboard can hang all types and shapes of items, from knives to pots.

Use See-Through Storage

Use See-Through Storage
Meshed organizers can help improve visibility and space. Some can hang on the wall, over the door, or even inside your primary storage area. Consider ministands or tension rods if you don’t want to divide your main storage permanently.

You can supplement your pantry with box shelves or storage baskets along the wall. Racks can also do you wonders.


Decluttering a kitchen requires out-of-the-box thinking. There is no sure way of doing it because people have different tastes and preferences. They also have different sizes of kitchens or number of items.

On the overall, the first thing you have to do is to put away what you don’t use. After that, improvise on your storage, sort, and divide items on a use-frequency basis.

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