Five Things You Should Know About Mattress Tags

According to the law, all furnishings you would need in your house must have tags, and that does not leave out mattresses. As a consumer, you may take it lightly the essence of tags ion your mattress and end up removing them, but that should not be the case.

While you cannot be arrested for removing a mattress tag, it is essential that you leave them be. Here are a few things you need to know about these tags:

Mattress tags are for your benefit as a consumer

Mattress tags are for your benefit as a consumer

You may not have taken time to attend to the tags on the mattress you bought, but them being there are to protect you as a consumer. Even as you buy a mattress bed, the labels should guide you on what you are buying from the information provided there.

Many of the mattresses that hit your retailing store are imported from different manufacturers around the world, which is why the law requires the manufactures to have tags that will tell a customer what is inside. You can figure out the size, weight, vendor information, among other things, just from the tag label on your bed.

All mattresses have tags

All mattresses have tags
No matter which brand of mattress you are looking at, at purchase, all mattresses must have a tag on them. Since the tags are a requirement by law, then, even refurbished mattresses should come with a tag, and manufacturers know better than to set their products on the market without them.

You can gather a lot of information from mattress tags

The tags on mattresses are usually in English, and if you are keen to go through them, you will realize that they have rich information that you could bank on, should a need arise.

The tags have information on manufacture dates, materials used, generic names flammability cautionary information country of origin, among others. If you are specific about the type of material you prefer your mattress, then you can check the tags for percentages of materials, for example, cotton, polyurethane foam, polyester, among others. Such information will also allow you to know how you can better maintain your mattress.

Mattress tags are good for business

Mattress tags are good for business
If you do not find any value in mattress tags, then remember that they serve a significant purpose in business. The labels contain information that allows retailers and salespeople to track down the factory where the mattress was manufactured, as well as the batch number.

With the tags, one can follow up on matters of quality control issues, warranty claims, return policies, inquiries, recalls, among other issues. Once a mattress is sold or donated, then the tags allow manufacturers to keep tabs so that warranty claims are not refiled for the same bed.

Retailers cannot remove the mattress tags

Retailers cannot remove the mattress tags
Assuming that a retailer does not find any of the things mentioned above vital to him, he still would not be in a position to remove the labels, which is as by law. The tags are not meant to be significant only to the retailer, but to the consumer as well.

As it is the rule not to accept edible items if the seal is broken, do not accept to carry home with you a mattress that has no tag, mainly if it is a new one. Check whether the tag is missing, cut or altered, and make necessary inquiries.

Most people do not notice the tags on their beds, and when they do, their initial response is to remove the tags. There may be no legal requirement forcing you into keeping the labels intact, but it does not harm to keep them on, and in fact, can attract you several benefits. Find out more on some of the top rated mattresses you can buy, on

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