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Composite Fencing – What Is It and What Are Its Uses?

Composite fencing is one of the modern advancements in fencing. For more information visit It looks and feels like real wood, but it is completely different. Most composite fencing is made from recycled materials and can be plastic and wood fibers. If your looking for a more natural fencing option look for brush fencing in Melbourne There are a lot of different composite fencing types, so make sure to study up about the uses for individual products before you decide on a type of composite or manufacturer.

What Is Composite Fencing

What is Composite Fencing

The term composite refers to binding two or more products together that are not similar in nature or chemical make up. The purpose of this binding process is to make a new material that strengthens and improves any weak points the individual components have. In the case of composite fencing, the materials that are used include wood fibers and various forms of plastic.

Before composite fencing was developed, composite materials were used primarily to build decks. This composite lumber was much more expensive than standard wood, but is also more durable. However, it was easy to justify the extra expense because the material is low maintenance and eco-friendly.

Because it was so easy to care for and very popular, people began looking for composite fencing material and the market answered their request. Since there are so many benefits to using composite materials, it was easy to justify the transition to the new material for fencing as well. Consider if FDS Distributors composite fencing is the right move for you.

But what are the benefits?

Benefits of Composite Fencing

Benefits of Composite Fencing
Since the material is made of wood fibers and plastic, composite fencing is more durable and stronger than plastic or wood alone. For the most part, they are unaffected by moisture and they are considered low maintenance. With most composite fencing options, all you need to do is spray it off with your garden hose.

Who wants to spend their day off cleaning a fence? With composite fencing, your cleaning time will be minimum. Stained areas can usually be sprayed clean with a pressure washer and mild cleaning detergents. Some people choose to use a medium strength scrub brush to remove stubborn grass stains and then spray the fence off with a garden hose. Sounds pretty low maintenance, doesn’t it? And in this day and age, anything that saves us time and work is a definite plus.

Composite fencing is easy to install, which adds to its appeal. The methods of installing it are very similar to those used to install a wooden fence, and there are no special tools required for installation. Since special tools are only used for a single project, they would be a waste of money and resources. Typically, the only tools needed to install a composite fence are a router, table saw, and your choice of fasteners.

There are also other individual benefits to using this form of fencing, including:

  • eco-friendly
  • made from 50 to 100% recycled plastic
  • reduces the amount of trash that ends up in landfills
  • it creates a new use for leftover wood products that would typically be wasted
  • allows for use of leftover products from cutting pressure treated wood, which is hazardous to the environment and humans

Uses for Composite Fencing

Composite Fencing
The uses for composite fencing are still being discovered. Since composite material does not rot or break down over time, you can build a number of outside items from it. Items such as:

  • Raised flower beds
  • Compost bins
  • Privacy fence
  • Pool surrounding
  • Hot tub surrounding
  • Pet enclosure

If you plan to use the composite material around water, you should make sure that it will not change in color if it is splashed with chlorinated water.

If you are interested in using a material other than wood, for economic reasons and for ease of cleaning, composite materials may be exactly what you are looking for. Since they do not need to be treated regularly or cleaned with any special cleaners or materials, composite materials are perfect for anyone who lives a busy lifestyle, who has a family, or who fall into the aging population category.

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