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Simple Ways To Clear A Blocked Drain In Your Home

Blocked drains have never been a pleasant thing to be experienced by any homeowner. Besides the extra cost of hiring a plumber, the stench from decaying matter in drains is quite repulsive. So, apply preventive measures to avoid blocked drains.

But how do you go about clearing a drain in your home that has already been blocked? This article will share ways to eliminate that clog in your drain. Also, if you find things difficult to DIY, consider using a professional to fix the issues. For instance, if you’re in the North East of England, you can use the services of  Pipeline Drainage Solution for every drainage issue in both homes and business premises.

Simple ways to unblock a clogged drain in your home

Food ingredients work wonders.

The fizzing mixture of baking soda and vinegar can help clear up your blocked drain. To do this, pour some hot water into the drain or sink. After that, pour some baking soda into the sink.

Wait for about an hour for the mixture to have its effect. Drain the sink with some hot water and observe for any improvement. If unsatisfied with the result, repeat the procedure until the blockage is removed.

A plunger can get the job done.

Small plungers still work with smaller drains, such as your kitchen sink. Moreover, note that the plunger will yield the best results if the blockage is a solid mass instead of greasy or fat build-up. For double-basin sinks, seal the unaffected drain with the plunger seal.

After that, create a seal over the blocked drain with the plunger cup. Then apply some pressure to push the plunger downward. Pull it back up with the plunger cup firmly over the sink. Repeat the plunging procedure for about 30 seconds. If, after plunging, water doesn’t flow as supposed, repeat the procedure, but with a little additional force.

How to Clean Drains the Right Way

Inspect the U-pipe for clogs

Your U-pipe (also known as the drain trap) may hold some solid clogs. The U-Pipe is the U-shaped pipe located just under the sink. Use a plumber’s wrench to remove the nuts on the pipe. More importantly, you’ll need to clear the area underneath it and place a bucket.

This will help you collect possible runoffs. Empty the drain trap into the bucket and inspect it for clogs. Remove any food residue or blockage you find in the pipe and refix it when you’re done.

Wet and dry vacuum

Sometimes, sucking out the obstruction could be the best way out. Thankfully, you can achieve this with your wet and dry vacuum cleaner if you have one. Set the cleaner to the ‘wet’ setting and firmly seal the area between the vacuum arm extension and the clogged drain.

You might also need to set the vacuum cleaner to the strongest suction. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and allow it to sit over the drain for about two to three minutes. Switch off the vacuum and run some water through the drain to see if it’s now flowing properly.

Use Caustic Soda

Caustic soda has a corrosive effect that can be utilized in clearing clogs from your blocked drain. Its corrosive properties could also harm your skin or eyes if they come in contact. So, use eye goggles and protective rubber gloves when handling it.

Create a mixture of ¾ gallon of water and about 3 cups of caustic soda. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture thoroughly. The stirred mixture should begin to fizz after some seconds. Pour it into the drain and allow it to sit for about half an hour. Lastly, drain down the mixture using hot water.


You could save extra bucks if you knew how to solve simple plumbing issues. Sometimes, if prolonged for days, a blocked kitchen drain could make the stench from your kitchen quite unbearable.

So, keep these tips handy even if you don’t have a blocked drain currently – you might need them in the future. Some of the methods above may not fix some blocked drains. In such scenarios, there’s only one way to go – contact your plumber. It’s better than ignorantly worsening the situation.

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