CLT Panels: Build easily, Build fast, Save the Environment


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CLT is made from softwoods such as fir, pine, or spruce. The rails are glued together in a perpendicular direction, forming a panel with an odd number of layers (3-7). The panel can have different parameters: up to 3.5 m wide and up to 18 m long maximum. Such a slab is able to withstand rigorous tests of strength and durability, pushing to the background even such traditional building materials like brick and concrete. CLTs are already becoming widespread, and you can also find clt panels for sale in the range of the Ukrainian company Rezult House, which manufactures them.

Cross-Laminated Timber: Top Benefits You Didn’t Know

The advantages of using the material relate to two aspects: the properties of the CLT panel and the construction features of such boards.

Regarding the features of the material, it should be noted that it is:

  • FSC certified raw materials.
  • Universal material for various projects and construction technologies; it is equally suitable for exterior and interior walls, as well as for roofs and floors.
  • The cross arrangement of the boards makes the plate strong and durable, evenly distributing the load over the entire plane of the CLT panel.
  • The multilayer structure of the slab makes it a suitable option for vertical loading.
  • The panels have high seismic and thermal performance.

As for the peculiarities of construction, CLT-panels have something to contrast with traditional technologies and materials.

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  • CLT is an environmentally friendly material that does not have a negative impact on the environment.
  • The panels can be used for rough work, but there are also plates that have an aesthetically perfect look and do not require any finishing.
  • Wood is about 30% lighter than concrete or steel structures, so the foundation can be made simpler, and the house does not shrink. In general, this saves budget, especially since the material itself is cheaper than its traditional counterparts.

Another, less obvious advantage is that there is less noise at the construction site, and in some cases, this factor can be very important.

CLT panels: a safe alternative to traditional building materials

In addition to environmental friendliness, the stove is highly resistant to open flames. The burning rate of CLT is only 0.8 mm / min. At the same time boards of production, Rezult House meet all other norms and requirements concerning safety and have a high bearing capacity.

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