Simple Guide to Looking for a Place to Stay when Traveling

Traveling is an exhilarating experience, especially if you will travel abroad. Planning for your next trip is challenging, including planning where you will stay if you travel. But how do you look for a place to stay when traveling?

Finding accommodation is a crucial part of your trip planning because it can affect your travel finances if you pick the wrong one. This article will help you look for a place to stay when traveling.

Consider the location.

Location is the most important thing to consider in looking for a place to stay when traveling. Choosing the correct place will depend on your purpose for traveling. For example, if your purpose is to try different dishes from a particular place, find accommodation that is near restaurants. If you are traveling for business, then look for a place where you can easily work.

You also have to consider the length of the commute you will be taking if you are going to explore the place. An ideal place to stay if you want sightseeing is a centrally located accommodation. If you want a quiet place, then do not book accommodation in the middle of the city.


Sleeping doesn’t need to break the bank.

If you have an unlimited budget for your travel accommodation, then good for you. However, some travelers consider their budget in looking for a place to stay when traveling. You can still find good accommodations where you can stay for a day, week, or month, depending on your budget.

If you want free accommodation, try Couchsurfing. If you want comfort, then spend a bit more money. If you are planning a romantic getaway, then go for a high-rated hotel.

However, if you are saving and will be traveling for only a few days, then there’s no need to book a five-star hotel.

Aside from hotels, you can check apartments and condominium units. These are cheaper than hotels. They are also cozier since you will feel like having your home away from home. You can look for apartments for rent online, like Urban Rest Sydney, if you are traveling to Sydney.

Watch out for security.

Traveling is scary, especially if you are alone. A good place to start watching out for your security is your accommodation. The best thing to do is to do your research on the common crimes that happen in the place. Know the full extent of the situation near the place of your accommodation.

Do not stay on the ground floor because it is the most vulnerable for intruders and outsiders. However, do not ask for floors too high to avoid hardships, especially in cases of earthquake or fire. Finding a good site for accessibility is good, but being secure in your accommodation is better.

Check the amenities.

When it comes to booking accommodation, what do you usually look for? Assess what you want and need for your trip. Basic amenities include internet connection, hot and cold shower, swimming pool, ample power outlets, parking, and breakfast.

Be mindful that having more amenities means that you will pay more. Never assume that all amenities are free with your room rate. You might be charged an extra fee for a pool or gym usage. It is important to call ahead to make sure you know how much you will pay if you book that accommodation.


The room itself.

Since you’re already doing your research, do not forget to check the room itself. Look for room photos or ask the person in charge of inquiries. The cleanliness and aesthetic of the room can affect your mood when traveling. Make sure to check the room first before booking.

Do not skip online reviews.

There are many online reviews of different places to stay. These reviews will give you an idea of what to expect from certain accommodation. Knowing as much as possible about a certain accommodation will be your best strategy in looking for a place to stay when traveling.

You can simply Google the hotel’s name and see what reviews would come up. It is also good to check their Facebook page if they have one, and other social networking sites. Photos using non-professional cameras will also show you what the accommodation looks like.

Take note that reviews from independent websites are more reliable than those from the hotel’s website. Also remember that no matter how beautiful and tempting accommodation online, photos can be misleading. Thus, it is important to not skip the online reviews.


What people look for in accommodations vary from their needs and wants. Using this simple guide might help you look for a place to stay if you’re planning to travel. Once you’ve found the best place to stay, relax and most importantly, enjoy your trip.

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