Five Tips for Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Keeping your home clean is often a chore, especially if you have pets or kids. If you have both, then having clean floors is nearly impossible. To make your floor cleaning easier, here are some tips to use for maintaining a polished concrete floor.

Dust Mop Daily

Although your concrete floor is low maintenance in comparison to hardwood flooring, it still needs attention. To keep it clean, quickly dry, or dust, mop it every day. Running a dust mop over the floor will pick up dust, pet hair, and grit that your family drags in on their shoes.

Mop Floors Occasionally

To maintain the shine on your polished concrete flooring, mop the floors when necessary. If you regularly dry mop your floors, they won’t need wet mopping very often. Unless the floors are dirty, warm water is all that is necessary to keep them clean.

If you use a cleaner, find one that is pH balanced. Cleaners and conditioners that are for polished concrete floors can help make them dirt resistant. Harsh chemical cleaners are hard on concrete and you will need to seal the floor more often if you use them.


Hire Professionals for Maintenance

Many older homes have finished basements but with unfinished concrete floors, especially in the laundry area. A concrete polishing contractor can quickly turn it into a polished concrete floor to give the space a finished look.

They can grind off debris, make the floor even, and then give it a subtle polish that will bring out the floor’s natural texture and pattern. By sealing the floor, they can make it waterproof in case a hose on the washer breaks or leaks.

Use the Right Mop

While you could use a cotton mop head for dry or wet mopping a polished concrete floor, a better option is a microfiber mop head.

Microfiber mops get into crevices and pores of the floor better because their fibers are smaller than cotton, which means a cleaner floor.

Also, they use less water or cleaning solution, and you don’t have to stoop down and wring out the mop head as you do with cotton. These
mops clean more efficiently, so you don’t need to work so hard at having a clean floor in your home.

Re-sealing Your Concrete Floor

If you have decorative finishes on your polished concrete floor, it’s important that you keep a seal over it. The seal will help protect the floor from abrasions, scuffs, and prevent liquids from getting into the porous material.

Some flooring companies recommend sealing the floors every year if they are in a high foot traffic area. However, you may not need to seal them that often.

Hire a professional to examine your floors and seal them. They can use sealers that will last three years or more to keep your floors beautiful.



Decorative polished concrete floors are gorgeous when the homeowner maintains them properly.

Follow these five tips to keep your concrete floors clean, seal them as recommended, and use the correct cleaners and mop head to ensure they stay clean without too much effort on your part.

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