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Should I Move to an Apartment or Townhouse?

The age-old question; should I move into an apartment or townhouse? Ok, maybe it’s not age-old, but a lot of people have probably asked it before. You’re probably asking it right now, and that’s why you are here!

So which to choose? One probably has more space; the other may be in a better location.

The first thing to consider is your budget


Before we get carried away with things like size and location, you need to pick something within a comfortable price range so that you aren’t living payday to payday. If you are considering roommates, a townhouse may be on the cards; if you are living alone, you may have to opt for the cheaper apartment.

Do you hoard?

Do you hoard
How valuable is space for you? We often fill empty rooms for the sake of filling them, which means buying more things we don’t really need. How much do you strive for the minimalist lifestyle? An apartment may keep your hoarding under control based on purely space restrictions.

Do you like stairs?

Do you like stairs
Townhouses build up with multiple, smaller floors instead of being spread out over a large footprint like a house or some apartments; this means stairs. Living in a house with stairs is a healthy way to go, but it does not suit everybody.


3d man pulling the Dollar symbol
Apartments are usually cheaper due to less square footage. You may be in a situation where rent per month is comparable between a townhouse and apartment, but other utility costs may be more expensive in the townhouse (for example, more area to cool down in summer).

Benefits of the apartment

Benefits of the apartment
Many apartment complexes include a gym or pool facility and are smack band in the middle of a busy are. Take for example the complex at 140 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne. You have access to all of the benefits of the CBD right at your doorstep. It makes for a pretty fun lifestyle!

Benefits of the townhouse

modern town houses of brick and glass on urban street
he main benefit is more room for comfortable living. If you are purchasing it may even present the opportunity to own a slab of land which many people feel more comfortable with. You may even be at a stage in your life where you want out of the busier areas like the city; you want to sit in the yard and enjoy modern living in a quieter suburb!

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance
Townhouses in suburbs can often include a yard. Which means you get to have pets, which is good, but it involves a lot more maintenance, which depending on how green you like your thumb, could be bad. In an apartment, the most you’ll need to work about is keeping your pot plants alive.

The answer

Psych, there isn’t one! It really comes down to your budget, where you want to be located and the kind of lifestyle you want to live. Consider the things we’ve mentioned above before making your choice and above all, find somewhere you feel comfortable that makes you happy!

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