Sengkang Grand Residences launched in Singapore, Condo Details Revealed End 2019

Sengkang Grand Residences, a 99-years private lease condominium development that is located next to Sengkang Central, is currently being developed.

Sengkang Grand Residences is an integrated development consisting of many different retail shops, a thriving community center, a hawker center, and is connected to the Buangkok MRT Station.

The development is managed by City Developments, and Capital Land, which is both leading industry titans that are jointly set to develop the Sengkang Grand Residences, as well as uncover the unique experience offered by Buangkok around the Sengkang Grand Residences. It is a joint venture project, that has been led by CDL and Capital Land, which will transform Buangkok, serving as a node which ties up an incredible neighborhood while changing the facade and overall identity of the neighborhood.

The residential units are set to be built right on top of Sengkang Grand Residences’ mixed development. The units are all specially crafted and are high-quality, extremely well detailed and finished. 750 residential units are set to stand on integrated mixed development.

Featured units all have a variety of one to five-bedrooms, allowing Sengkang Grand Residences residents to enjoy convenience at its best, along with countless amenities in the development.

Now, Hougang is undergoing massive rejuvenation, all of which are managed under the “Remaking our Heartlands” program, by both HDB and URA. The location, Sengkang itself, is also currently being upgraded overall, complete with its new Compass One mall.

The site is perfectly located in URA’s Sengkang planning area. Similar developments located in the area, includes Riverfront Residences, the Kingsford Water Bay, the Boathouse Residences, along with the Midtown Residences. It is within walking distance to Punggol Park and enjoys access to a Park Connector. A demand for private housing in Sengkang has increased, raising sales in the area, which all top projects have also been sold out for developer sales unit, the area is in the presents a bright future for Sengkang Grand Residences.

Having an improved transport connectivity, residents of the development will also gain to some of the biggest arterial roads in the area, along with expressways.

Residents will be able to enjoy many different shopping options, along with dining and entertainment options close to Hougang Mall, the Hougang Festival Market, the Compass One Mall, and the Seletar Mall. The Buangkok MRT station is located right on the doorstep of residential units. The site is situated strategically, right between Sengkang and Hougang.

Renowned schools, like Punggol Primary School, the Holy Innocents, the CHIJ our lady, along with Nan Chiau, can be found just 2 kilometers of the development site.

The CDL-Capital Land venture is set to offer stellar consideration on how to maximize the big piece of land, all while studying how the architectural design is going to affect Sengkang/ Buangkok/ Hougang’s design and layout, which will be catered for families ranging from big to small.

Plenty of focus will be placed on the family space and general living, the co-sharing of both private and public spaces, landscaping in the area, exquisite design, along with the concept of surrounding communal areas. The final information is set to be released upon approval by government authorities.


The URA’s Design Planning Initiative

The specially integrated development land has been awarded to CDL-Capital Land and is based on both pricing and the design concept, the quality of the public realm, and its track record.

The Design Concept Includes:
  • The Sengkang Grand Residences is set to be developed as a one-stop center that creates an identity for the Buangkok neighborhood. Integrating developments are set to more encourage community gatherings, as well as social event programming.
  • There’s a consideration for both architectural and engineering on the building’s layout, to provide a friendly relationship to its neighboring developments. The placement of uses can create synergy with the purpose to promote greater social interaction, along with a sense of communal relation in the area, and surrounding developments.
  • Quality of Public Realm
    Sengkang Grand Residences is designed to provide a direct, legible pedestrian network to facilitate a convenient pedestrian movement, which will be spaciously sized and located with the purpose to cater to potential residents. It will offer a delightful, pedestrian-friendly public space, that creates an incredible sense of arrival, as well as orientation.

The public space is designed to accommodate activities, that range from community events to formal and informal gatherings, all of which will be accessible by residents at all times.

  • Track Record

CDL-Capital Land has been chosen based on their reputation, which includes them winning the tender, based on their experience on their journey to developing similar mixed-use developments while considering both relevant and past awards to broaden their profile even more.

CDL/Capital Land has additionally won many more awards for adequate workmanship, including QM, CONQUAS, and Intl Construction Awards.

The Hougang Planning Area

Hougang is well known forming a major part of Singapore’s “heartland”.

It is complete with many commercial developments and amenities, including a few shopping malls like Hougang Mall, the Kang Kar Mall & Market, the Heartland Mall, as well as the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre (A very vintage-looking mall) and Hougang 1, which is quite new.

Hougang was designed to be a self-sufficient area, with plenty of amenities to provide the utmost convenience to residents. Major facilities include Hougang Sports Hall, an indoor sports complex that has a variety of sports options that is operated by Sport Singapore, who also manages the ClubFITT membership, along with sports programs. The Hougang stadium is located close by and is home to S. League club Hougang United and a popular aquatics center.

One of Hougang’s most prominent landmarks is Buangkok Green Medical Park, that includes a few medical facilities, all of which include the Institute of Mental Health(IMH) and Singapore Leprosy Relief Association (SILRA). The area has two huge MRT stations, including Hougang MRT Station, located beside a bus interchange, as well as Hougang Mall and Kovan MRT Station, located is beside Heartland Mall.

Project Name: Sengkang Grand Residences
Address: Sengkang Central
Telephone: +65 6387 9196
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm

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