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Are you looking for some best tiles for your living area or kitchen? You must be thinking why you need to know anything about tiles, because the only thing which usually matters is the look of the tiles and most people are not even concerned about the quality and type of tiles.

However, most of us know that we have got two general options when it comes to choose tiles for our home, office or shops. The first one is the natural stone tiles, such as marble or graphite. They are every hard and affordable if you are not looking for some sharp edges or cuts.

The synthesized tiles are of ceramics, fiber glass and porcelain tiles. these are not that much hard and durable but, they offer a wide range of application. For instance for glass tiles you can look some Bella glass tiles natural glass tiles listellos, they are used for making pools. Similarly ceramics are sued for manufacturing various vases etc.

The options you have :

Natural stones

Natural stones

  • Granite:

This is the hardest of the lot, you can not imagine how hard would it be to break up a granite tile, however if something extra ordinary happens then of course it will not resist.
These are very hard and water resistant but not as much as a glass tile.

  • Marble

It is the most reliable type for home and specially kitchen. These are porous tiles however that is why you ought to have them on your walls, on floors they are liable to destruction.

  • Limestone

These are a bit brittle, you can have them on walls but at places where there will be more movement you must avoid using them.

Both marble and limestones are very likely to get mixed with the acid or floor furnishing liquids we use. On using concentrated acids gradually lime stones and marble tiles dissolve in the acid. This makes them unsuitable for bathroom floors.

Synthetic tiles

Synthetic tiles

  • Glass tiles

These are an expensive options, they come in a wide range of colors and shades. Which makes them very attractive, mostly glass tiles are made up of small pieces and layers of glass.
However you might need to be very careful while suing and installing these tiles you can not have these on your floors, they are quite brittle which will damage your entire floor’s look.

  • Ceramic tiles

These are the most common type, you can have these anywhere you want, but as compared to stone tiles these are brittle and weak. These are widely used in bathroom walls and in kitchens sometimes.

They are some affordable tiles, moreover they are harder than most of the glass and porcelain tiles.

  • Quartz tiles

These are also a brittle option. You must be very careful while selecting these and do not try to use them at places where there can be some heavy weight movement quite regularly.

  • Cement tiles

These are the most hard tiles so far in the hand made category. You can sue them for contemporary uses. Such as for flooring in your kitchen, courtyard or entrances.

The worst part about cement tiles is that they can be easily stained. You need to clean them with some concentrated acids etc. whatever turns out to be your reason for stain it cans stay on the cement tiles forever.

  • Quarry tiles

These tiles are available in some earthly shades. These tiles are a mixture of clays which get mixed and cooked on a low flame. You can have these tiles for a very rustic, classy and old look.
You can place them in your hall ways, outdoors, because they look like bricks and wont get dissolved or broken in moisture and rain.


I have tried to explain some of the most prominent and widely sued types of tiles. consumers often get confused while selecting. This issue can lead them to buy unreliable and unsuitable tiles which can ultimately be a failure.

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