Selling Your House on Short Notice In Geelong? Here are Three Quick Fixes You Must Make.

Selling a house is a big decision that requires a lot of patience. However, situations sometimes arise where you need to sell quickly. Without time to make largescale changes to increase the selling potential of your home, most people in these situations expect to make less money on their home.

While that is largely true, there are small fixes that can be done within a short period and end up making you more money. At the very least, these fixes will ensure that your home is not brutally priced down.

Get Rid Of Mold:

Mold infestation is a major housing problem, especially in high humidity cities like Geelong. The heightened humidity creates an enabling environment for the mold spores to spread. Mold colonies on walls are an aesthetic nightmare and a significant deterrent to potential buyers.
Get Rid Of Mold

Early-stage mold infestations are a relatively easy problem to deal with, but they can be used in negotiations to bring down the price of your property. You can fix it with some bleach and detergent.

On the other hand, extensive infestations require professional help. Luckily, professional help is easy to find with mold removal Geelong.

Paint Walls And Cabinets:

Considering that most people visiting your property will be relying on their sense of sight to evaluate its value, retouching the wall and cabinet paints is essential. It is especially important if you have lived in the house for a long time. Chances are there are peeled walls and stained cabinet drawers that you might have become accustomed to. Buyers, on the other hand, will be quick to spot them.

The great thing about it is that you can do it yourself. The only precaution to take is that you have to make sure to repaint long before you open your home to potential buyers. Most paint products have a characteristic, unpleasant smell, and it can be a turnoff to buyers.

Change Your Floor Finishing

Although it may be unnoticeable to you, the homeowner, the impact of movement over your house flooring overtime will deface it. If you are selling your home after clearing out your belongings, these changes will be very evident to your prospective buyer. No one wants a crooked floor unless, of course, if they are desperate buyers.
Change Your Floor Finishing
Changing your floor finishing before you sell is a quick fix that can quickly uplift the aesthetics of your property.

If you also have old carpets or rugs, changing it can positively affect the pricing of your prospective buyers. People want to move into a house with minimal stress, everything you do to aid that counts as a plus for you.


When selling a property, even the little things count. Making sure your potential buyers have few things to complain about helps them look more positively at your home. This positive association can reflect either as an increase in financial valuation or as customers’ eagerness to purchase your property. Either way, you win.

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