8 Must-Try Trending Decor Styles to Save Big On Your Budget

With a brand new year just ahead of us, there are a lot of resolutions and ideas in the air! Some want to try a new health regime, some want to spice up their love lives! Well, whatever it is that you have set your heart on, we can only help you get there faster. And if it is redoing your home decor in little to no budget, then this article is where you were meant to be! So, what can we do to get a bright new house well in our budget? Plenty, we’d say.

We’d say, rediscover happiness and smart living by spending less. Here are eight things that you can do to decorate your house without spending big.

1. Painting your doors the right way

Doors give away a lot of information about your house to your guests. Walk inside the house of a well-appointed man or a corporate office of a renowned brand, and you will observe a lot of black or brown-black doors. These shades give a sense of style to the site and lend authority. If you want to exude power and lend your home an impressive undertone, go for a dark shade.
Painting your doors the right way

On the other side, if you are an easy-going person, who is as light as a lark, go in for pinks, greens or yellows for your doors. Lighter shades are chirpy, funky, and radiate good vibes. If you are thinking to start your own cafe or a bistro, bright colours should be on the top of your must-have list!

2. Brass

While talking about doors, we should also consider door fittings. How about using brass door handles for the right effect? Brass door handles and fittings aren’t as expensive as you would think! You could just check out their prices on the various websites and order their sophistication home. Visit website for some out-of-the-world ideas on how to make your walls and doors more luxurious without spending big bucks.

3. Kitchen

Since you’d be spending quite a lot of time in your kitchen (Yeah, we know you are a foodie too!), how about refurbishing it? For starters, replace your rusted old cabinets with new ones. If this sounds expensive, then you could buy some deco lam over the web, and plaster it over your cabinet.

There is one more way to make your kitchen luxe, and that is to put a lot of glass inside it. Reflecting light makes your kitchen not just luxurious but creates an illusion of a more generous space, making your pantry look big as well. For some truly budget kitchen improvement ideas, head over here.

4. Paint light

Light color walls make your rooms look bigger. Dark shades make them small. So if you have a small home, you can make it ‘big’ by painting your walls white, cream, light green, or even yellow.
Paint light

5. Be resourceful

It is one thing to be thrifty, but it is truly another thing to be resourceful. You could consider learning new tricks to fix things. Try repairing your broken stuff rather than buying something new. You could head over to the internet to find quick DIY tutorials and spice up your decor!

6. Books

If you think anything similar like me, you would love a bit of old-school mixed into the modernistic vibes of your home! You could consider having a small library in one corner of your sitting room with several books arranged inside.

7. Plants

If you are one for nature, you might wanna sprinkle some green all over your home. However, you need to take care of your ‘little ones’ regularly by watering them. Spray them with insecticides so that they remain healthy.

8. Declutter

Finally, remove all the unwanted stuff from your home. Chuck out all the unwanted cutlery, newspapers, clothes, shoes and other stuff. Quite often, our homes look miserable because they are strewn all over with useless stuff.

Let’s usher into this New Year by trying out the 8 tips listed above.

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