Self-storage and Photos

Photos. What’s the first thing that jumps up in your mind? A piece of paper? Or a pose? No. Okay, let’s make it easy. Why do we click photos? For memories. And nobody wants to lose memories, right? 

Do you remember mom always used to keep our photo album in a locker? In order to keep them saved. Now, as an online world, it can be saved in drives, discs cards, and even on your smartphone. 

But to keep hard copies has its own aesthetic. We have to organize them, store them securely. When we are shifting, many boxes misplace, and often, are lost. So the question arises is, ‘Where to store your photos?’

Pictures are precious. They have immense value in our lives. We never want to misplace them. So we have to do the necessary, storing them in a safe place. It can be the photo of your loved one, who you just have lost, or can be one of your memorable days. 

You can store them in a self-storage unit. Yes, just like any other item from house appliances, clothes, and business equipments to vehicles, you can also store your photos! Incredible, right? Let’s cut it short and move on to the next part. 

Is it safe to store photos in a self-storage unit?

Yes, of course, it is safe. Not only safe, but it is also a well-known method for storing pictures. Security is a surety. So you must thoroughly analyze the Self Storage unit for safety.

As we put the picture in the storage unity for safety so that there is no harm to pictures, we should opt for the best service. And Guardian Self Storage does the job quite well. They have a high level of security and generous staff with a variety of units. The units also vary in size.


How can you safely store photos in a self-storage unit? 

Let’s agree, more risk to the photos is at your home. Your kids may slash them or may get mold into a box. The best way is to rent a storage unit. And tada, your pictures are risk-free! 

But for safety, you have to be careful also. Here are some tips that you may follow before sending your precious photos to the storage unit.

-Organize them

As a human, we all idolize organized things. Everything in an order appears exquisite. So first organize your photos in a box. Correctly portion them. Start with older ones and end with new ones, so you can easily access all your photos.

-Use the correct technique

 You should certainly select the technique according to your photos. If your photos are sticky, then align them in a catalog. Put loose photos in stacks. It is a credible strategy, and you can handle them easily. An extra tip for you! Put a paper or tissue in between one picture. It will protect your pictures from getting damaged by humidity.

For large frame boxed pictures, you should put them in a separate carton. Choose the box size according to the picture size. 

-Don’t pile them up

By putting a box on the top, you can risk your pictures, so never stack up one box on the other. Also, remember to never pile up! 


Should you only store photos in a climate-controlled storage unit?

Absolutely yes! Whenever it comes to self-storage, always choose climate-controlled units. So you don’t have to change the unit according to season change. Talking about photos. High temperatures can damage your photos. Moisture and humidity can create a grainy effect on the picture. It’s better to take precautions and rent a climate-controlled storage unit. 

Final words 

Photos are a must for all of us. It helps in cherishing our old, beautiful memories. We don’t forget our past because photos help us remember. Losing them can be awful. So it’s better to store them in a safe place.

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