Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regular commercial dryer vent cleaning as well as maintenance is important. However, it is risky and work intensive since it involves several people operating the machine. As an employer, you are obliged to uphold employees’ safety while at your workplace. It is reported that dryers cause approximately 2,900 fires annually which could easily be prevented by cleaning the dryer vents.

To avoid being part of the statistic, consider having your commercial dryer vent cleaning done often. So, how soon should the commercial dryer vents be cleaned? Because the dryers’ workload varies daily, it is hard to have an exact approximation of time. Here are some things you need to watch out for.

1. Signs You Need to Clean Your Commercial Dryer Vent

The major way of knowing whether you need commercial dryer vent cleaning is by observing some warning signs. They include:

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  • Increased drying time: clogged vents make your machine to work unusually slowly. Before deciding your device need a replacement, consider having it checked for lint clogging
  • The dryer becoming unusually hot: some heat is allowed, but when your dryer becomes too hot, making it dangerous to touch is a clear sign of lint clog. Clean it as soon as you can to avoid fire hazards.
  • Bad smell: although not very common, your machine can produce an awful smell of burning lint. When overheated, the dryer can start burning the lint buildup in your ducts, and it is recommended to have it switched off completely until a professional check it.

2. How to Clean Commercial Dryer Vents

Commercial dryers are not advisable to have DIY cleaning. Leave the work to the professionals who come equipped with the right tools for the task.

Firstly, they assess the extent of lint clog and identify areas that need immediate attention. They start with such places to minimize any risks that may be posed by the clogged commercial dryer vent.  Once the danger is passed, the professionals proceed with the dryer’s remaining parts to ensure they clean all the parts.

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3. How Often Should Your Commercial Dryer Be Cleaned?

Commercial dryers are designed for cleaning huge loads. Therefore they do not get clogged soon as the residential ones. So, you may have commercial dryer vent cleaning less often. When operating on regular capacity, 3-5 years can be nice estimates for cleaning your commercial machines.

However, these years are an estimate, and you can have yours clean more often if you feel like they are decreasing their productivity. Regular cleaning does not deteriorate them since no corrosives are used for the work.  Also, it is a way of maintaining your dryer while maximizing its capacity.

Have you invested in a commercial dryer? You understand it is a costly investment that needs to be cared for and protected from damage. Unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer, you can schedule regular cleaning to ensure it gives you back your investment before reaching its critical and non-functional stage.

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