Reasons to Include Standing Desks and Adjustable Workstations for A Modern Office Space

Office spaces are seeing a tremendous shift in terms of functionality and aesthetics in recent times. One of the most innovative things propelling this office space revolution is standing desks. It is as simple as it sounds – desks that allow people to work standing up rather than sitting down on a chair. They are also known as adjustable workstations.  

Though it might sound surprising, a growing number of employers and employees are preferring sit and stand desks at workplaces owing to their numerous benefits. To validate their advantages, several organisations have even taken to conducting studies.

Here is a list of reasons that enumerates why you must consider investing in standing desks in your office:

Better Productivity

Starting with what matters the most, stand-up desks have shown to boost productivity among employees. A survey conducted by Stand Up to Work for one year revealed that employees who used these desks experienced improved productivity and job satisfaction. Approximately 61 percent of the participants also reported feeling more refreshed and energetic, both outside and inside the office, using stand-up desks. 

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Active Workers

In America, studies have shown that the average office worker sits for almost 15 hours per day! Going by the hours, most office-goers spend more than 200 days of the year in the office, spending nearly the entire time sedentary. Studies suggest that it is enough sitting to offset the health benefits of exercising.

Having stand-up or height-adjustable desks can significantly limit the time an employee spends sitting in the office. It will allow them to switch things up by letting them choose between sitting down or standing up to work as and when desired. 

Enhanced Creativity

Standing up to work makes the body burn more calories than sitting. The body’s circulatory system works more robustly to maintain proper blood flow over a greater area, reducing the chances of developing circulatory diseases. These benefits of using standing desks increase an employee’s focus and, in turn, enhance their creativity as well.

Greater Flexibility

Flexibility is a magic pill that almost all employees look for while working. While it might not always be feasible to ensure flexibility in work timings and other parts of work, adjustable workstations can undoubtedly provide remarkable plasticity in how and where an employee works. 

The height and keyboard adjusting, motorised desk features in these workstations allow a person to choose a height and desk angle that works best for them. This feature can be particularly desirable as it diminishes the probability of developing back pain, which is a common complaint among most office workers.

Health Benefits

Apart from the apparent health benefits that come with maintaining a correct posture, studies have linked using stand-up desks to several long-term health gains. A recent study in the UK has shown that standing for at least three hours after lunch reduced a spike in blood sugar levels by over 40 percent compared to sitting for the same time span. Researchers also found links of improved cardiovascular health with working standing up, as it cuts daily sedentary time to a considerable extent.

Better Image

If you’re trying to cultivate an employee-centric image or attitude, bringing in stand-up desks in the office might be worth the consideration. Large conglomerates like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., have already embarked on the path to investing in ergonomic office furniture that includes standing workstations and flexible spaces. Providing your employees with furniture that will improve their overall wellbeing would not go amiss in their eyes. It will help enhance their job satisfaction as well. 

How to Buy Standing Desks?

Before making up your mind to invest in stand-up desks, you should take a glance at a few points while buying them.

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Ease of Adjustment

Since standing desks come with height-adjustable features, it is necessary to check how easy and fast you can make these adjustments. Otherwise, a significant amount of your employees’ time will be spent trying to configure these desks rather than focusing on their jobs.

Space Availability

Adjustable workstations can take more space than standard desks, being broader and taller than them. Hence, always make sure that you have the dimensions of your office and the desks ready when choosing them. 

If you lack space compared to the number of desks needed, you can consider an office seat-booking app that lets your employees alternatively use stand-up desks. This way, everyone interested can get access to them.  


Adjustable desks can have varying prices, depending on the material type, quality, durability, and features. You shouldn’t buy the most affordable option off the rack only because it would save you a few bucks. 

Consider your employees’ wellbeing and safety while making the decision. It’s best to decide on a budget and any specific needs that you might have before investing.

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