Quirky Gadgets: The Best of Unconventional Gadgets For Your Home

The concept of tech gadgets is to offer something incredibly unique and quirky using the latest bleeding-edge technologies, and that sometimes (or most of the time) means going off-script and producing something unconventional. After all, that is one the primary reasons why tech gadget department is one of the most exciting and inspiring turfs that makes it one of the most anticipated markets to look out for every year.

Tech gadgets continue to grow even more crazier with every successive generation, but more importantly, their real-word functionality factor has improved significantly as well. As a result, their usage and appeal is transitioning to a proper mainstream market, as opposed to merely presenting itself as ostentatious equipment.The latest iteration of tech gadgets offers an ideal blend of unconventional, yet extremely functional and handy characteristics that make them a compelling and also a future-proof purchase option to consider.

However, due to a large number of shopping websites that (claims) to offer the best deals on tech gadgets for your home, it can become quite a tedious process to buy your ideal tech gadget companion. https://www.dfydaily.com/ is one of the few legitimate websites that actually offer incredible deals on some of the most unconventional yet extremely practical tech gadgets every day.

Here are some of the most unconventional gadgets you can buy at present.

AquaPure Drinking Straw

AquaPure Drinking Straw

If you have ever felt like the process of filtering hard water is too long to wait around for, the AquaPure Drinking straw presents the ideal solution. Instead of having to wait for your conventional water filter to, well, filter and strain out the harmful germs and bacteria through a series of the complex purification process, these drinking straw gadgets help you drink water safely anytime you want.

This unconventional straw gadget looks deceivingly like any other ordinary drinking straws, but they actually come with an inbuilt filter system that can instantly filter up to 99.99% of the germs and other water body contaminations that can diminish the quality of the water, and cause several types of illness when consumed. You can simply carry around this compact filter drinking straw and drink water whenever and wherever you like with utmost convenience. It is, especially useful when you plan out a weekend hike.

TrustyCharge Hand Crank Radio Flashlight

If you are searching for a gadget that can offer dynamic functionality, look no further than the Hand Crank Radio Flashlight. The gadget, as the name suggests, performs a wide range of functionality rather than simply operating as your conventional radio. The device is, especially crucial if you plan to venture out into the deep woods for an adventure-filled camping trip. Whether you want to stay ahead of any unprecedented weather condition to make sure you don’t get caught in the middle of a bad storm, or you want to charge up your device for emergency situations, the Hand Crank Radio Flashlight got you covered.

In addition, to all that you get a reliable LED flashlight embedded into the radio gadget to help you find your way through the thick forest. The hand crank mechanism also means you get unlimited power supply without depending on conventional power sources as well.

Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device

Keeping track of your health while sitting at the comfort of your couch has never been this easier and straightforward as well. You no longer have to frequent the doctor’s cabin to analyze your active health status by monitoring various vital aspects of your body, thanks to the cutting edge technology behind the innovation of metabolism tracking gadget.
Lumen Metabolism Tracking Device
The device connects to your smartphone through a dedicated app and helps you keep a close tab on your body nutrition status at all times. And, it does all that with the simple convenience of analyzing your breath, how intriguing is that? The gadget works by examining your breath and utilizes that information to warn you of your body’s nutritional status by helping you see if you are burning fats or carbs as well. In addition, the app also notifies you of some practical work out sessions that you can implement to improve various weak aspects of your body nutrient composition.

Color shifting Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are the latest trend in the lighting system department. In contrast to the conventional and rather inefficient lighting system, the technology behind the implementation of intelligent bulbs helps you to study more effectively under the equivalent illumination by spreading out the light evenly in all directions.

However, the more intriguing aspect of such smart bulb gadget is that you can control the level of illumination directly from your smartphone through the Bluetooth connectivity option as well. The majority of these smart bulb devices are also compatible with various voice assistant devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which allow you to control various feature of the bulb irrespective of your current location.

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