5 Items That Will Take Your Bedroom to a 10

Out of all the immaculate places in your home—the executive kitchen, ornate living room, outdoor patio—we think the one that truly matters most is your bedroom. Sure, every living area has its purpose, from cooking family meals, to entertaining guests, and making memories beneath the stars. But the bedroom is special because it’s entirely your space where you begin each day, retreat to during the afternoons, and lay your head to rest each night.

It’s your private sanctuary and personal abode, but just because it’s not on public display, doesn’t mean that you should exclude it from your thoughtful interior design. On the contrary, we think that your bedroom design should be given even more attention to detail, considering it’s the room that you likely spend the most time in—even if it’s just sleeping eight hours at night—and it has the ability to totally sway your mood from the moment you wake up to the time you spend winding down.

Could your little oasis use a bit of an upgrade? Here’s how you can transform your space using a few essential items that will take your bedroom from its current state to a certified 10 out of 10.

A Statement Bedframe

What’s the single largest item in your bedroom? The bed itself. And a piece of furniture that’s so big deserves to be the standout statement in your bedroom décor. Highlight its presence by pairing it with a large bedframe that will transform an ordinary mattress into a strategic accessory.

You can choose from many bed styles including rustic wood, industrial metal, or mid-century minimalist constructions. Remember that where you place your bed is equally important as how you frame it. Depending on the layout of your bedroom, it might look best beneath the window or against a corner, so keep these considerations in mind during your interior design.

High-Quality Bedding

High-Quality Bedding

The next step in piecing together your décor is to pick out luxury bedding that will complement the frame and pull all your color patterns together. It’s important to spare no expense when it comes to your linens for two reasons: one, as the focal centerpiece of the room, your bed will command more visual attention than any other piece of art or furniture could; and two, high-quality bedding with impressive thread count will not only look visually appealing, but it will also feel amazing to curl into at night. The more comfortable you are, the better you sleep, and the better you sleep, the more ready you’ll take on every day with vigor.

Beautiful Lighting Fixtures

Apart from your quality of sleep, the next most influential element on your mood is the lighting in your bedroom. A space that’s dark and dim won’t lend off the positive, cheerful vibes you should experience in your personal space!

Greet each morning in a room that’s filled with bright, natural light. If your bedroom layout lacks windows that allow for plenty of eastward sunshine, then pick out a ceiling light fixture that’s as functional as it is stylish. From ornate chandeliers to creative flush mounts, you’ll have no shortage of options when deciding how to make your bedroom twinkle and shine.

Classy Curtains

On the flip side of that coin, a room that’s too bright at all hours of the day can be hard to focus in—especially during those afternoons you want to retreat into your space to escape the household chaos and find a few moments of zen. Plus, with too-large of windows, your bedroom might feel more like a fishbowl on display to all passersby, which is the antithesis of “private space”.

Pick out delicate chiffon curtains that you can draw closed when you want to change the mood and enter chill-out mode. They look great on the wall and can be even better for mental health.

Organizational Add-Ons

Organizational Add-Ons
A room that’s cluttered and cramped will do no good for your psyche. If you feel like your space is a near-constant mess, you might want to purchase some organizers that allow you to discreetly stash your belongings. Without the messy distractions, your design elements will harmoniously blend together so you can complete the full picture.

Happy decorating! Let us know how your bedroom turned out in the comments below.

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