Office Design Trends for 2020

Everyone’s looking for evolution and growth as the years go by, this also means that office spaces are going to evolve and adapt new designs which allow them to grow as a company and improve the look of the workspace. Let’s discuss some of the office trends which we think will take place in the year 2020.

More open space

In the past decade, office spaces have been shrinking, the shrinking of the office space makes employees feel congested. It is essential to have more open spaces, which allows them to breathe in more fresh air. Adding items such as glass partition or glass partition kent will enable workers to feel more open and less congested. It is crucial to have glass partition in the year 2020 for office spaces, especially if you want your employees to feel more “free” and to help them produce quality work.
More open space

There are also other concepts where there is no partition between the workers like they are working as a team in one big office. Some companies are already using this concept, but many others have critiqued this concept. Which is why we see more of a trend with glass partition in the year 2020 than a fully open office concept.

Increasing the greenery

This is also known as biophilic design. The biophilic design would be where an office adds items such as trees, rocks, dirt and other plants to make the office feel greener and more pleasant. Adding more plants and trees will help workers to feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. The concept of a living wall is also trending in the year 2020, expect to see more walls covered in plants and flowing water.

Collaborative working space

Remember how we talked about areas where there is no partition between workers, well there’s something known as collaborative space range. This allows specific teams that are working in the same project or similar project to work together in one big space. Even though the concept of the office completely being a collaborative workspace hasn’t caught on, the idea of collaborative working space for specific teams has been trending in the year 2020.
Collaborative working space
The beautiful thing about collaborative working space is that you can go there to chat with a couple of your co-workers, or you can go there with your team to get some work done. Collaborative working space is supposed to be an open space for anyone to enter, and do whatever their heart desires. Having freedom in the workspace is going to be the driving factor on what designs are going to be trending in the year 2020.

Final verdict

These are the trending office designs in the year 2020. The main takeaway would be that office spaces are becoming more free and open for the workers. As you can tell by the trends, they are all going towards making the workers feel less stressed and freer. This is a great thing that is happening to office spaces. You can expect the workers to be performing at their utmost level with these changes and the trends coming. The biggest trend you will see is more glass office partitions, glass partition is a sweet spot between privacy and freedom.

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