Pros and Cons Of Pressure Washing

If you are looking to get something like your home, office building, driveway, or even a parking lot, incredibly clean then you may want to look into pressure washing the area. Pressure washing is a cleaning method that is not only fast but extremely effective at getting things spick and span. A pressure washer uses water and pushes it out of a hose with a large amount of force. The force is so strong that it can get even the hardest dirt and grime off of your surface. It provides a quick and efficient cleaning solution on everything from decks and walls to walkways and bricks or concrete.

Just as every cleaning method has, pressure washing does come with its own upsides and downsides as well. Cleaning with methods like bleach and brushes can be incredibly effective and make surfaces shine bright, however, it can also be damaging to some surfaces by staining things or causing corrosion. In the same way, pressure washing services like the pressure washing in Cincinnati OH are highly effective and can get your outdoor surfaces cleaner than ever. However, the force of the water that comes out of a pressure washer can be so strong that it can damage your surfaces instead of just cleaning them back to their former glory. Below is an extensive list of pros and cons that come with pressure washing.

Pros of Pressure Washing Surfaces

Pros of Pressure Washing Surfaces

They can clean almost any exterior surface

One of the best things about pressure washing your surfaces is that there is very little that it cannot do. You can use it on almost any surface outdoors like a back deck or driveway, or even the siding of your home and get it looking brand new like the day you moved into your home. Instead of having to trade out different cleaning tools to clean your surfaces on the exterior of your home, with a pressure washer you get one tool that can do it all. Get your house cleaner than ever and at the same time clean the furniture on your porch and get it looking as good as it did the day you brought it home.

Very User-Friendly

Pressure washers are incredibly easy to use. It does not take long to figure out how to use a pressure washer, even if you have never seen them before in your life. It is a straightforward machine that only requires you to plug the machine in, then hook the hose up to it, pushes the lever on the nozzle, and get to cleaning. It is important to keep in mind that even though pressure washers are simple to use and fairly straight forward, they are still very powerful tools and you need to follow the recommended safety tips so that you do not run the risk of getting hurt while using it. In short, pressure washers are a great tool as they are simple to use, straight forward, and powerful all at once.

Makes Your Cleaning Job Much Faster

One of the best parts about using a pressure washer is the fact that it makes your leaning job at least five times faster. Without a pressure washer cleaning the exterior of your home and all of the surfaces that come with it can take days if not weeks. If your exteriors are extremely dirty or very large, it can still take some time to get it completely washed off but your pressure washer will expedite the process by quite a lot. Using a pressure washer can get everything clean in a much shorter amount of time than it would to clean it by hand.

Cons of Using A Pressure Washer On Your Home

Cons of Using A Pressure Washer On Your Home

You could get injured if you do not use it properly

Even though you hook your pressure washer up to your garden hose and use the water from the hose, the force of the water from a regular hose is no match to a pressure washer. The pressure washer is much more powerful than a regular hose, which means if you have never used it before the force can knock you back and can even seriously injure you.

Not only can you get injured by the force of the water, but a pressure washer is different from a hose in that it is a machine. Just like any machine, you need to read the user directions carefully in order to handle it properly so as to not sustain any injury from the machine part itself.

Pressure washers can be too powerful for some surfaces

Pressure washers are incredibly powerful and can be too much for some surfaces to take on. Exterior surfaces like loose vinyl siding or loose wood can’t take all the pressure and will begin to deteriorate or fall off, and can even crack under the weight of the pressure. If your surface is painted, the pressure washer can also damage the paint and cause it to peel off. Before beginning your cleaning project through the use of a pressure washer, research the surfaces you wish to clean to make sure they can withstand the pressure and not get damaged so you end up with a great looking, clean home exterior and not an expensive catastrophe on your hands.

Watch out for the more fragile in your yard

Pressure washers have more than just water coming out of them to clean your surfaces, they also contain a lot of chemicals that come out alongside the water which is used to kill off and clean up hard to clean things like mold and mildew that often grow on exterior surfaces. These chemicals are great for getting your intended surfaces as clean as they were the day you got them, but on the flip side, they are not so great for more fragile things you have outside. Some of these chemicals are harsh and can cause painted surfaces to peel. Meanwhile, the chemicals that get sprayed and mist outside of the intended area can end up killing shrubs and flowers in your yard. If you do not remove the flowers from the area and do your best to avoid getting any spray on your shrubbery or grass, you could end up killing a good part of your yard which can become both an ugly and a costly problem to fix. As great as the pressure washer is, you have to be cautious as to where you spray it.

In most homes that need to get cleaned up, using a pressure washer to clean the exterior can have more pros than cons. If you read the manual carefully and take great care to be cautious, you can get great results and end up with a beautifully clean exterior to your home. If the cons of using a pressure washer concern you, it may be worth it to ask around your local community for advice on a reputable pressure washing company who can come to your home and do a professional cleaning job. Whether you tackle the project on your own or hire a professional, a pressure washer will help get your exterior in tip-top shape once again.

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