The Best Snorkel and Dive Spots Around the World

The ocean is one of the most beautiful areas of the planet, and, better yet, makes up more than 70% of the earth’s surface. Much of the ocean remains unexplored – yes, even in 2019 – but the areas we have reached have shown us how fascinating the underwater world can be.

What’s more, snorkeling and diving are the perfect activities for any kind of traveler at any age! Whether you’re on a budget or can afford a more luxurious private outing, grab your mask, snorkel and your best pair of flippers and get ready to jump into some of the world’s most beautiful dive and snorkel spots!

The Great Barrier Reef: Australia

The Great Barrier Reef Australia

Probably one of the most iconic diving and snorkeling places in the world. The water is warm, calm and shallow in a lot of spots and there’s an abundance of wildlife and coral waiting to be explored. The Barrier Reef spans an area from northern Queensland right down past the Whitsundays so there’s plenty of locations to choose from.

A popular starting point is Cairns but if you’re eager to get to a snorkel spot quick, the coast of the Daintree Rainforest offers quick access to the reef – just 30 minutes. Nemo, here we come!

Tiputa Pass: French Polynesia

This is a great dive for beginners because it’s a drift dive and you end up back in the huge lagoon of Rangiora; the biggest lagoon in all of French Polynesia. It’s also a great place to snorkel and you’re likely to come across Napoleon Fish, Turtles, and Reef Sharks.

If you’re lucky you may even bump into a pod of playful dolphins or come across a Manta Ray; Eagle Rays are commonplace too in the atoll.

Makarska: Croatia

Pictures of Makarska literally look like they’ve been ripped from a holiday brochure. Though Croatia may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about snorkeling or diving, it doesn’t disappoint and makes for a perfect refreshing break in the summer heat.
Makarska Croatia
You’ll see plenty of small fish, starfish, some coral and perhaps even Atrina Maura, an endangered triangular-shaped shellfish.

Batu Balong: Indonesia

Part of the Komodo National Park, Batu Balong is one of the more challenging dives in the area and is not recommended for beginners due to three currents making swimming there tough and dangerous. For strong divers and swimmers, however, the extra energy spent is worth the reward. Manta Rays are in abundance in this region as are numerous schools of fish and visibility is exceptional on clear days.

Kicker Rock: The Galapagos Islands

Have you seen that famous underwater picture, the water is the brightest of blue and there are what looks like hundreds of Hammerhead Sharks circling above a bunch of divers? That spot is very real and is a common occurrence in Kicker Rock in the Galapagos Islands. Once again, it’s not a dive to be attempted by beginners, but if you have either 20 dives under your belt or your advanced diving it’s the ideal spot to take some epic shark pictures. Hammerheads are pretty tame too so you’ll be very safe!

Off the Coast of Forchue Island: St Barts

Off the Coast of Forchue Island St Barts
One of the great attractions of St. Barts is it’s snorkeling and diving and a trip to Forchue Island is the perfect spot to spend a full or half-day. Home to a nature preserve, this idyllic location in St. Barts is ideal for those who want to escape the tourist bustle of the beach and snorkel in a more remote location. You’re likely to see turtles, eagle rays, tarpon fish and even baby nurse sharks.

What do you think of the dive and snorkel spots we discussed today? Have you ever visited any of them? If so, what did you come across? Let us know in the comments below!

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