How Can Painted Wardrobes Impact The Overall Look of Your Room

Your wardrobe is a great place to keep all your clothes tidy and neat. Aside from that, it also enhances your bedroom with painted wardrobes that adds aesthetic appeal. Painted wardrobes come in a wide range of colors, that can add a pop of color to your room or perfectly complementing your home décor.

Below are some ways how painted wardrobes affect the overall look of your room.

Can Greatly Complement Your Modern Bedroom Design

If you have a modern bedroom or home design, you want everything to be sleek and bold. White painted wardrobes are perfect for a modern bedroom. Eliminate the traditional look of stained wood wardrobes and say hello to sophisticated white painted wardrobes.
Can Greatly Complement Your Modern Bedroom Design

And who said that you’re only limited with white painted wardrobes? Whether you want bold black or any other color, you’ll find the best-painted wardrobes online, like Choose from a wide array of colors and designs to best match your bedroom design.

Bring Out the Best Mood In Your Bedroom

Whether you want your bedroom to be relaxing, inspiring, or appealing, you can achieve the right mood in your bedroom by incorporating painted wardrobes. These furniture pieces are very stylish and can make your bedroom elegant, modern, light, classic, or sophisticated.

Whether you want the panels or surfaces straight, curved, or intricately designed, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Aesthetically Appealing Finishing Touches to Complete the Look

When you’re making a DIY painted wardrobe, the finishing touches complete the look of fitted wardrobes. One way to recondition the handles is spraying them with silver or gold paint to best compliment the curtain detailing your room’s overall look.
Aesthetically Appealing Finishing Touches to Complete the Look
Selecting a darker shade of wardrobe cabinet than the one you have on the walls will add a contrasting element, making a great change from standard white. Also, when painting wardrobe doors, the doors should be open while applying paint and close them once they’re completely dried to make sure you’ll not miss any bits and to attain a more polished look.

Bigger and Brighter Room

As with contemporary-looking painted wardrobes, your bedroom will feel so much bigger and brighter. You may incorporate new accessories in addition to a painted wardrobe, such as a new bedding, a new chaise lounge, cushions, and lampshades.

Forget the past years of being lured into the dark side of fitted wardrobes. By investing in painted wardrobes, you’ll have a lighter feeling from a busy day and hectic schedule. Painted wardrobes will make your bedroom look more spacious, peaceful, and relaxing.

Increases Functionality and Benefits

Old wardrobe cabinets end up having spider web cracks on all panels. Before you paint your wardrobe, you can glue 3 millimeters MDF or laminated wood to cover these cracks. MDF is easy to clean and maintain. This material is also durable and resists contraction and expansion, unlike natural wood. Painting your old wardrobe cabinet will enhance its looks and function.

If you’re planning to paint your fitted wardrobes that have lots of paneling and beading, you can blend your painted wardrobe and use the same color as the bedroom walls. For children’s room, you can also paint inside cabinet shelves and dividers with different colors to match every child’s preference and to keep things more organized. It creates a calm feel and a serene look for a small or compact bedroom.

Make A Stunning Room

Make A Stunning Room
If you’re worried about your room coming out as dominant or strong, try to paint the edges of your wardrobe doors instead. It’ll stop your wardrobe from appearing too ‘blocky.’

If you want to create a stunning wardrobe, the ombré technique is the best option when it comes to painting a wardrobe cabinet. A wardrobe door without large handles or trims is a great place to experiment, creating a modern paint effect. You can pick two tonal colors and graduate one color into another.

Check online guides or tutorials that show how to blur the edges, so you can get the best ombre look.


With proper placement and color that best complements your room décor, painted wardrobes can change the overall look of any room. You have a lot of options when it comes to the design, color, size, and space required to accommodate your painted wardrobe. Choosing the best-painted wardrobe can transform your living space into a more inspiring and relaxing haven.

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