Opening a New Door: The Top Tips for Buying Shower Doors

Are you looking to purchase new doors for your shower? Before you do, check out this guide to learn the top tips for buying new shower doors.

The average bathroom remodel costs about 17,000 dollars. That’s a lot of money, no matter how you slice it. Getting new shower doors is a lot less costly and can make a huge difference in the appearance of your bathroom.

average bathroom remode

 average bathroom remode

Nine out of ten homeowners say that they plan to remodel their house. Obviously, it’s a popular decision and one that adds unbeatable value to your home. When you’re looking for new shower doors, here’s how to make sure you buy the ones you’re going to love for years to come.

Choose Your Glass

The majority of shower doors are made of glass and for good reason. When you have a shower with glass, it allows your eye to extend through the entire bathroom instead of visual points being cut by walls. That way, glass gives your bathroom the appearance of being bigger.

Clear glass is a good option if you have a bathroom that’s closed in by walls. It doesn’t offer privacy but is the number one way to make your bathroom appear larger.

Opaque glass or frosted glass gives more privacy while still maintaining the opening up of your visual field. It also gives texture to your bathroom.

Patterned glass adds a unique touch to the entirety of your bathroom. Consider going with patterned glass if you like the ultimate infusion of texture and fun, eclectic bathroom style.

When you’re more sure of what type of glass you want, head over to Multi-Glass of Texas LLC.

Select Your Frame

You can choose from frameless, semi-framed, or fully framed shower doors.
Select Your Frame
Frameless doors will be your favorite pick if you’re going for a modern look in your bathroom. It keeps the space light, open, airy, and doesn’t disrupt your field of vision in any way.

Semi-frameless shower doors are better on your budget but still get you that seamless look in your bathroom. Sleek and modern, they can help showcase the rest of your shower.

Fully framed shower doors can look just as appealing as their frameless counterparts if executed correctly. Sturdy, thick frames that draw attention can draw the eye, and make a perfect match for a traditional or contemporary style bathroom.

The Tilework

This is where your creativity can shine. When you’re choosing the tiles for your bathroom, white subway tiles are the most classic and popular look that people select.

Choosing a classic like this can guarantee you’ll love your shower for years to come. But if you’re looking to switch it up a little, consider more unique tile designs or even stone in your bathroom. Adding a stone for your bathroom walls says that you’re living a life of luxury.

Glass tile backsplashes in your shower can also be very eye-catching, and allow you to make a custom design all your own.

Improve that Interior

It’s not just shower doors that are going to make your bathroom shine, even though they’re a great place to start. A little home improvement goes a long way. Find an expert today and set yourself on the path toward having an entire bathroom that you actually love.

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