Prepping Your Home For Winter: 5 Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is coming! It’s time to get started on the prep tasks it takes to keep you and your family safe and warm throughout the harsh environment of the winter months. If you’re not really sure what to do to prepare your home for winter, you’ve come to the right spot.

It won’t take much to get ready to hunker down with the family, but you’ll have to know what your home needs most. Take a moment to read through a few tips on prepping your home for winter, and head into the holiday season with a well kempt home.

Weatherproof doors and windows

You don’t want cold air to have any quick way inside of your home during the frigid months of the year, so it’s crucial to weatherproof your doors and windows. If you have quality windows and doors in your home, you may not have much to do to complete this task before winter.

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If you live in an older home, it’s important to stop any cold air leaks sourced around your windows and doors. Use weatherproof stripping and tape to make certain the money you pay to heat your home isn’t being wasted due to faulty seals.

Call the pest control people

Winter brings all the mice and creepy crawly creatures to search for a warm spot to rest, and your home is just perfect for what they seek. It’s best to call a professional pest control operation to come treat your home before winter sets in, so you can sleep with peace of mind knowing you’re not going to have any tiny visitors through the night.

Reverse your ceiling fans

When winter comes, you’ll want the heat that rises to the ceiling of your home to be blown back down to the floor. If you take the time to reverse the flow of your ceiling fan blades, you’ll have an easier time keeping the place warm in the coldest temperatures.

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Clean your dryer vent exhaust

Your washer and dryer are a great asset most of the time, but the lint created from your dryer can cause an issue if not addressed. A buildup of dryer lint creates a highly flammable situation in your dryer exhaust vent.

If you take the time to clear the passage every year, you won’t have any worries. You may also grant your dryer a longer life, as a clean vent makes it easier for the machine to do its job.

Have your fireplace professionally cleaned

If your home has a fireplace, you’ll want to use it to keep warm during the winter. Before you spark that first flame of the season, you should have your chimney professionally cleaned. Excess buildup in your chimney can cause your fire to spread to places you don’t want it to go.

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